How to Stay Warm this Winter

Deck the halls with Redskins gear! As the holidays are swiftly approaching, and the temperatures have already dropped, make sure you rep the burgundy and gold from head to toe to keep warm!



New Era Redskins 2018 Sideline Sport Knit:

Not only is this an easy way to stay warm, this is the hat that some of your favorite players wear on the sidelines during games!




 Ladies Majestic Redskins Hyper Hood Pullover Sweatshirt

Ladies Redskins Hyper Hood Pullover Sweatshirt:

Whether you’re at home, a bar or in attendance to watch the game you can wear this stylish hoodie anywhere.



 Ladies Redskins Full Zip Hot Route Hooded Sweatshirt

Ladies Redskins Full Zip Hot Route Hooded Sweatshirt: 

If you don’t feel like pulling the sweatshirt over your head, opt for one with a zipper instead.



 Ladies Redskins Gloves

Ladies Redskins Gloves:

Make sure those hands stay nice and warm when you’re cheering for the ‘Skins!



 Redskins Ladies Sleep Soft Socks

Redskins Ladies Sleep Soft Socks:

After a long day, one of the best things to do are put on these fuzzy socks and drink some hot chocolate.




Redskins Ladies Rookie Mini Winter Boots

Redskins ladies Rookie Mini Winter Boots:  

Adorned with the Redskins logo, pair these winter boots with the Redskins socks so you can stay extra warm outside.





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