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Here's another #TBT for all you Britney fans!

The date was September 4, 2003 and the event - NFL Kickoff Live From the National Mall.

Before the Washington Redskins were scheduled to host the New York Jets, the league hosted a three-hour concert headlined by a number of stars, one being our beloved Britney Spears.

During her set, dancers were appropriately wearing both Redskins and Jets jerseys, but before she took the stage she did a promotional photoshoot in which she donned Redskins attire herself. Spears wore a custom-made Redskins dress in the pictures and the original outfit is currently on display.

Today, the dress can be seen at the Hard Rock Café is Las Vegas, not far from where Spears is currently doing her residency at Planet Hollywood. The Hard Rock is also home to many other pieces of memorabilia from both Spears and other iconic artists.

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Cassie Pacanovsky Contributing Writer

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