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Deanna Jefferson, CPT

This past Sunday, we witnessed our beloved Washington Redskins complete the biggest comeback in team history. Despite how improbable it seemed that we would take the win, our boys made invaluable plays that led to an amazing victory! Let's talk about invaluable ways that you can set yourself up for a comeback, no matter how much you've strayed away from a healthy routine. It always starts with something small. Maybe a string of late nights at work, turmoil in personal relationships, an injury, a new baby, or a long vacation that you had a little too much fun on. Whatever has been keeping you on the sidelines, you've fallen way behind on your health and fitness habits and realize something needs to be done. Here are three great tips for setting up for a comeback!

1. Psych Yourself Up.

Plan your comeback and let supporters know about it. The more motivation you can get from your support team, the better. Create a realistic plan for your workouts and meals and force yourself stick to it. Getting going is the hardest part. Consistently reinforce your positive actions with positive self-talk.

2. Know Your Competition.

It's important to know what you're up against when you're making your comeback.

-Cardiovascular endurance (stamina) can decrease by almost 5-10% in three weeks.

-It takes about two months of inactivity to lose most of the strength gains you've made.

-Muscle strength lasts longer than cardiovascular strength.

-The longer you've been training, the more quickly you'll be able to get back into it.

-Age and stress levels play a role. The older you are and more stress you carry, the longer it may take to return to a previous healthy state. 

3. Ease Back In and Be Patient.

Don't suddenly jump in to what was once your awesome fitness regimen. Start where you are and gradually make changes in the right direction. Each week add an additional workout. Slowly increase your water intake by adding eight more ounces each day. Ease yourself off of unhealthy meals. It is also a good idea to consult your physician if you have not exercised for three months or more. It will take time to build you up to the previous level, so trust the process. Your body is adaptive and will usually return to its previous level in about six weeks.

When your fitness routine is detailed for an extended period of time, it may seem like a daunting task to start again. Don't view it as such---view it as an opportunity. With these tips plus some hard work and dedication, this is a new opportunity to safely find your way back to the VICTORY! 

WOW Health and Wellness Contributor, Deanna Jefferson, is a Health & Fitness Expert, NIKE trainer and Owner of Fab Body FactoryTweet her @deannajefferson.

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