The Benefits of Walking

10.21.2015 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

Jo Burton, PT, DPT

Walking 6,000 Steps a Day- the equivalent of 1 hour- may improve knee arthritis and prevent disability, according to a recent study published in Arthritis & Care Research.

Sitting can be harmful to your health. Try replacing sitting with the following:

-Get up from sitting once an hour for 10 minutes

-If you are watching TV, get up and walk around the house when a commercial comes on.

-When you are working in front of a computer, get up and walk around every hour.

-When you go to grocery store or mall, park in a space that is far away.

-When you get up to have glass of water or for a meal, walk around the house or office.

-Take the stairs instead of the elevator, if you are able.

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