All-Star Survivors Series: Denise Manos

10.19.2015 / Blog Posts Breast Cancer Awareness

Throughout the month of October, WOW will be sharing stories from 31 All-Star Survivors, currently battling Breast Cancer. This group of women, selected by American Cancer Society, was honored during the October 4th Redskins Think Pink! game and at a special event hosted at Redskins Park on October 5, 2015. 

Today we honor and celebrate Denise Manos! 

What motivated you during your treatment?

1. My kids - my passion

2. Anger - I'm a physical fitness person, shouldn't have happened to me

3. Curious about what tomorrow brings


What is your favorite memory from the Redskins Breast Cancer Awareness events?

That final touchdown. I've replayed it over and over again. Doesn't get more awesome than that!


What does being able to connect with other “All-Star Survivors” mean to you?

It's good not to be alone.


One piece of advice you want all women to hear?

Please watch Holley Kitchens YouTube video on metastatic cancer, and visit to learn.  



Learn more about the All-Star Survivors Series here!

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