Career Corner: Mentorship, Mentorship, Mentorship

10.13.2015 / Blog Posts

It probably can't be stressed enough - mentoring is vital to any professional's path to success. Who better to have as a resource to your career, than a person who has already experienced all the highs and lows in the business?

Before venturing into any profession and even while in the midst of your career (believe me it's never too late for a mentor), finding those individuals to guide you through the challenges will make your work not only better, but easier.

Think of mentorship as a team sport. Did you know that many female executives tie their success in business to their experience in team sports (Forbes)? Similar to this mentality of team work, mentoring plays that same role. Being able to tap into a bank of knowledge that you and your mentor shares between each other not only benefits you, but your mentor as well! There are experiences you can offer to your mentor -  Remember, the most valuable mentor-mentee relationships are the ones that can go both ways.

You now have a guide that will give you that access and first-hand experience,a larger network of contacts and even better - an ambassador for you! The stronger the relationship, the more likely you will have that person on your corner, speaking on your behalf if there is a new opportunity in the horizon.

There are a number of mentoring programs in the area! If you're in sports business, check out our friends from WISE (Women in Sports & Events). Either way, go out there and find a mentor (and give back - be a mentor yourself!).


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