DIY Redskins Cooler!

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This #ThriftyThursday was inspired by a fan photo. We decided it's time to spread the word on how YOU can join in on this latest trend!

Whether at a tailgate, Training Camp, posted up in the sand, or even at your child’s football game – it’s always a good idea to show off your Redskins pride!

STEP ONE: Drafting the Right Cooler

Before choosing what cooler you would like, think about why you will be using it. How much storage will you need? How do you plan to travel with your cooler? All of these details are very important! You also have to consider choosing one with wheels or one with just handles. These small factors can affect how you design of your cooler. The best part is – you don’t have to spend it all to have the cooler of your dreams. You can find an array of coolers at most large department stores.

STEP TWO: The Proper Equipment

Almost all of these items can be found in a utilities store. How much you choose to spend on each item is entirely up to you!

-          Cooler (you already completed this one, congrats!)

-          Sand paper/sander

*The size of your cooler should help mold this decision. If it is smaller and you have patience, sand paper will be the right choice. If you can get your hands on a electric sander to tackle your cooler, that is always the better option to ensure proper prepping!*

-          Primer Spray Paint

-          Pencil, Sharpies, and/or Paint Pens

-          Stencils (if you choose!)

-          Acrylic Paint

-          Weatherproofing sealant

-          Brushes

*Your design complexity will determine the size tip of brushes you will need!*

-          Mod Podge

STEP THREE: Training Camp


Take this time to really break in your cooler by sanding it down. This helps the paint that you will apply stick to the surface and last longer!

FUN TIP: You can cover the logo of your cooler by purchasing spackle and following the directions that comes with it then sanding it down to the same level of your cooler. This will greatly move along the design process!

After brushing the dust off, you may now apply your primer. Make sure to THUROUGHLY cover the cooler and give it at least 24 hours to dry. The level of coats applied will depend on the quality of primer.

STEP FOUR: Developing the Playbook

As the primer dries, you can map out what your designs will be! On a typical cooler you will have five places you can design: two smaller sides, 2 rectangular front/back faces and the top. Sketching out your ideas beforehand will allow you to have a better visual before beginning. Remember that you will be painting this! Therefore, the more intricate the design, the longer it will take.

FUN TIP: Have a more complicated design such as the Redskins Head Logo? Try printing it on paper, mod-podging it to the side of your choosing, letting it dry and then painting over it! Stencils also help a great amount too.

STEP FIVE: Pre-Season

Time to apply your designs! Now take this side by side. Trace your designs out whether in pencil or using the mod podge tracing technique. Then apply your paint! Once you’ve covered one side, wait for the paint to dry and put mod podge over it to ensure it is long-lasting.

STEP SIX: Gameday Prep

Once you’ve completely painted and mod podged all sides, apply your weather-proofing sealant. Understand that with this step, you truly get what you pay for! Depending on the activities you plan on doing with your cooler should determine your sealant. This step will typically take about 2-3 coats.

Now it’s GAME TIME!

Get out there and show off your work of art! Don’t forget to pack some ice cold water to stay hydrated no matter where you go.

We always look forward to seeing your #ThriftyThursday creations! Tag #WOWRedskins anytime you post them on social media.

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