Thrifty Thursday: Redskins CookOut!

07.23.2015 / Blog Posts Fashion Redskins

The only downside to summer is that our hearts are set on the football season...which is only 50 days away! So how do we get through this last stretch?

A Summer Cook-Out, Redskins Style!

Check out some of these easy DIY tricks to transform any BBQ into a Hog Heaven!

You can purchase a small, flat wooden piece such as the one above from practically any craft store. They also come in many different banner sizes. With the addition of burgundy and gold paints and a corresponding ribbon – you can transform any entrance in your home!

Can we say, “the perfect centerpiece?” The best part about this creation is it’s super cheap and easy to create! You can successfully cover the mason jar in three coats of brown paint to imitate “leather” and once that has dried, add the white stitching with a regular paint brush and white paint. Don’t forget to finish up with paint sealer to prevent weather damage!

You can never go wrong with more burgundy and gold! All it takes is a standard trash can (of your choosing), some primer and a few spray cans to have this creation.

After saving money on decorations, you might as well check out this Redskins Grill Mat!  It’s a finishing touch no matter the occasion.


Don’t hesitate to send WOW your finished product or any other DIY Redskins crafts by email or tagging #WOWRedskins! For more Thrifty Thursdays, follow WOW blog, Facebook and Twitter

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