The Secret to Snacking!

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I hope you were able to "change-up" your lunches with some of the great ideas Christine gave us last week! Variety is the spice of life and lunch time is a great time to add some spice to your day. Christine continues to guest-blog this week on a topic that may sound familiar to WOW members......SNACKING! I'm going to try the "ants on a log" to make my fueling more fun... See you in a couple weeks. - Jane Jakubczak MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN Washington Redskins Team Dietitian

Eat More: Snack Often
Christine Turpin, RD, LDN, CSCS

Often dietitians get a bad rap as people think we’re out to tell them what NOT to eat. When my husband tells people I am a dietitian, he hears a lot of “I’m so sorry.” On the contrary, I am frequently telling my clients to eat more, and who would not want to eat more? The biggest issue I encounter with my clients is the timing of their eating.

Skipping breakfast, eating a small lunch and then consuming dinner at 7:00pm is setting yourself up for failure. You WILL make unhealthy choices when you are ravenous and you WILL eat everything in sight, including the kitchen sink! My advice is to eat more and snack often!

Snacking or eating a mini-meal every 3-4 hours keeps the metabolism rolling, supplies the muscles and the brain with energy and prevents fatigue. Furthermore, snacking will tide over hunger and assist in making more sensible food decisions.

Snacks: What to Look For

Include a little protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, whenever possible.
• Select a snack that has 150-200 calories
• Fruits and veggies are best
• A serving of nonfat or low-fat dairy
• Grain-based snacks should be whole-grain

Workplace and After School Snack Ideas:
• A small whole-wheat pita + hummus
• Fresh fruit + yogurt
• A small 3-ounce can of tuna + low-fat crackers
• “Ants-on-a-Log” (celery with peanut butter sprinkled with raisins)
• Whole-grain, soy, or whole food-based granola or meal replacement bars, such as Larabar®, Kind Bars, Kashi® TLC Bar®, and SOYJOY®
• Whole grain cereal + low fat milk
• Yogurt + granola + dried fruit
• String cheese + whole-grain crackers
• Cut-up fruit + yogurt dip
• Low-fat cottage cheese +diced pepper and tomato
• Waffle topped with unsweetened applesauce or peanut butter
• Fat-free tortilla filled with turkey, cheese, and vegetables
• Vegetables +low fat ranch dressing or hummus
• English muffin pizza
• Low-fat popcorn with grated Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top
• Fruit smoothie
• Guacamole + whole grain baked chips
• Trail mix + water

Also, take a moment and think about if you are truly hungry or if you are eating due to boredom or emotions. You may also just be dehydrated. Often huger is mistaken for thirst. Instead of eating something, have a glass of water, wait 20-minutes and if you are still hungry, then eat!

Healthy Snacking!

Christine is owner of Nourish2Perform and consults with competitive and recreational athletes and law enforcement agencies. Nourish 2 Perform specializes in integrating fitness and dietary education to maximize performance for athletes of all ages, recreational exercisers and other professionals engaged in competition or physically demanding occupations.

Share your favorite after school snack or at the workplace and post it in the comment section below!

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