• Deanna Robinson's Holiday Health Game-Plan

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    All over the country Americans are celebrating the holidays with family, friends and feasts. The unpleasant reality check is when we hop on the scale after all the festivities.  The average Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner packs an average of 3000 calories! Holiday depression can also be brought on by shorter days, longer nights, colder weather, and the pressures of finances and holiday hoopla. Here’s my game-plan to help you stay happy, healthy, and stress-free this holiday season.


    Schedule your exercise. As we get busy with holiday plans and traditions, it is harder to find time to exercise. Schedule your ... Read More

  • How to Stay Warm this Winter

    Deck the halls with Redskins gear! As the holidays are swiftly approaching, and the temperatures have already dropped, make sure you rep the burgundy and gold from head to toe to keep warm!



    New Era Redskins 2018 Sideline Sport Knit:

    Not only is this an easy way to stay warm, this is the hat that some of your favorite players wear on the sidelines during games!




     Ladies Majestic Redskins Hyper Hood Pullover Sweatshirt

    Ladies Redskins Hyper Hood Pullover Sweatshirt:

    Whether you’re at home, a bar or in attendance to watch the game you can wear this stylish hoodie ... Read More

  • Moving Through Cancer Treatment

    / Breast Cancer Awareness

    Caitlin Sweeney, PT, DPT, OCS, CLT is a physical therapist at Inova Physical Therapy Centers and Life With Cancer, a program of Inova Schar Cancer Institutethat enhances the quality of life for those with cancer by providing education, information and support free of charge. She specializes in oncology rehabilitation and treatment of lymphedema.


    When you receive a breast cancer diagnosis, exercise probably isn’t top of mind. Between doctors’ appointments, treatments, your career and family responsibilities, who has the time? Yet, research suggests exercise plays an important role in helping you maintain your functional abilities and can actually create ... Read More

  • Personalizing Cancer Care

    / Breast Cancer Awareness

    Kirsten Edmiston, M.D., is a breast surgical oncologist atInova Schar Cancer Institute.


    You may already know about genetic testing for ancestry and inherited diseases, but an advancement in genetic testing goes one step further, giving usable information about which medication options are best for you.


    A Targeted Approach

    At Inova Schar Cancer Institute, patients who undergo mastectomy or chemotherapy are eligible for a genetic testing pilot called MediMap. The test analyzes 25 different genes to gain insight about how your body processes up to 145 different medications across 14 categories, including:

    • Anti-nausea
    • Anesthesia
    • Pain control
    • Antidepressants
    • Anti-estrogen


    So ... Read More

  • Getting the Best Breast Care

    / Breast Cancer Awareness

    Sara Bruce, M.D., is a breast surgeon atInova Schar Cancer Institute.


    A quarterback can’t make a touchdown without his teammates. In order to score on the field, you need a quarterback to throw the ball, a receiver to catch it and a defensive team to make sure the receiver reaches the end zone.


    Cancer is no different. You can’t tackle the disease effectively without a number of medical specialists working together. From the surgeon to the radiation oncologist to the genetics counselor and supportive care professionals, the only way to effectively keep cancer at bay is ... Read More

  • Recap: 2018 WOW Think Pink tailgate

    / Breast Cancer Awareness

    On October 14 WOW hosted our Think Pink Tailgate prior to the game against the Panthers! Think Pink has been a staple of Redskins football every October for the last 20 years.

    Special guest Mrs. Tanya Snyder, a breast cancer survivor herself, came to visit those in the tent. Guests of the event included the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation’s All Star survivors, Inova Breast Cancer Survivors and WOW members.

    While in the specially decorated pink tent,the guests received complimentary brunch with specialty pink mimosas. In addition to this, they were also able to get ready for gametime with ... Read More

  • Should You Go 3D for Mammogram Screening?

    Monjari Gillian, MD is a diagnostic radiologist atInova Schar Cancer Institute.


    The research is clear: Annual breast cancer screening with mammography can reduce deaths from breast cancer by up to 40 percent. Even more good news: With the increasing availability of 3D tomosynthesis (3D mammography), breast cancer is detected earlier at its most treatable stage.  


    3D Mammography Explained

    A standard 2D mammogram takes two images of the breast (side-to-side and top-to-bottom) and creates a two-dimensional image. In contrast, a 3D mammogram snaps multiple images from different angles and creates a three-dimensional picture. This visual reconstruction of the breast allows ... Read More

  • Recap: 2nd Annual Sip and Paint

    On Monday, October 2, WOW hosted its 2nd annual Sip and Paint event at Dacha Loft in northwest DC. For the second year, Lisa of Sip and Shot LLC, led the guests through a step by step painting which ended up a beautiful image of wine glasses and a football. Each guest was encouraged to add their own individualistic flair to their canvas. Redskins tight end Vernon Davis joined the group as a guest judge. An artist himself, he gave tips and tricks to everyone and had a final say in the winning painting. After the vote, two artists ... Read More

  • Nutrition and Breast Cancer: Lifestyle Choices to Reduce Your Risk

    Lauren Fay, RD, CSO, LD, CNSC is a registered dietitian and certified oncology nutrition specialist at Life With Cancer, a program of Inova Schar Cancer Institute that enhances the quality of life for those with cancer by providing education, information and support free of charge.

    Research shows a definitive link between cancer risk and what’s on your plate. Whether you’re hoping to sidestep breast cancer or prevent a recurrence, loading up on cancer-fighting nutrients — and avoiding problem foods — can up your odds of success.

    Unfortunately, breast cancer patients and survivors are often bombarded with nutrition advice, which may ... Read More

  • Recap - Women in Sports: Career Panel

    On Monday night, WOW held a sports partnerships panel at George Washington University. WOW members and students from university were able to gain insight on sports partnership and also being a female entrepreneur in the industry. The following professionals took time to discuss their roles with their organization and how they fit into the sports partnership process.

    ·       Patty Pierleonardi – Owner, Pest Management Services Inc., Official Partner of the Washington Redskins

    ·       Nancy Hubacher – VP, Sales and Marketing

    ·       Kaitlyn Swingle – Partnership Marketing Manager and GW Alumni, Class of ‘16

    ·       Julia Tesoro – Strategic Marketing Coordinator and GW Alumni, Class of ‘16


    Topics ranged ... Read More

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