Know Football

Know Football

Whether you're a rookie fan preparing for your first game at FedExField or a veteran football fanatic devoted to the burgundy and gold, we have something for everyone! With the help of the NFL, we'll teach you the basic terms, explain the positions and illustrate the referee signals. Once you're done reading through everything you may know more than the guys!

  • The Guide

    Get started on your road to Redskins fandom now! Women may make up 44% of the Redskins fan base, but we?re sure there are ladies out there dying to get into the game if only they could understand it! Below are the basics, courtesy of the NFL, to teach you everything you need to know. Read More ?

  • Terms to know

    Tired of football sounding like a foreign language? This section will help you learn some terms and definitions, courtesy of the NFL, and we?ll have you sounding like a pro by Sunday. Read More ?

  • Referee signals

    Looking to expand your knowledge of the Referee's hand signals? For a pdf guide, Click Here ?

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