• Get to Know the D.C. Divas: Part 4

    12.30.2015 / Blog Posts

    Thanks for reading along as we've introduced the 96 women on the 2015 D.C. Divas roster! We're glad to have given WOW an inside look at the National Championship-winning team. To learn more about the D.C. Divas, visit their website.

    Don't miss out! View the entire "Get to Know the D.C. Divas" Series: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.  


    Adele Roberts-White - 2015, OL

    Q: What does it mean to you to be a D.C. Diva?

    A: Becoming a D.C. Divas has filled me with pride. I worked hard to prove my ... Read More

  • WOW Year in Review

    12.28.2015 / Blog Posts Events

    As 2015 comes to a close, so does another great year of Women of Washington events. From scavenger hunts to football camps, this year had it all. But it wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful members! The support and loyalty this club receives is overwhelming, and we are excited for you all to see what’s in store for 2016.

    We just hit 118,000 members, but the growth doesn’t stop there. The Women of Washington team is committed to providing passionate female Redskins fans unique opportunities. But before the New Year starts, let’s look back at ... Read More

  • Creating New Habits For the New Year's Instead Of Resolutions

    12.23.2015 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    By: Rebecca Nenner

    I find it interesting that people tend to do the same thing over and over again when New Year’s comes around.  They overeat during the holiday season, and then they want to lose some weight when the New Year starts.  People vow that this year they will lose weight and keep it off, yet, it never seems to happen like that.

    The reason is simple.  You can’t expect a diet to save you.  It won’t, it never has!

    What you can do is create a lifestyle change which involves changing your behavior or creating ... Read More

  • Goldson's Gift Giveaway

    / Blog Posts Redskins

    For the third consecutive year, Redskins safety Dashon Goldson brought extra holiday cheer to 50 underprivileged children with his annual event, “Goldson’s Gift Giveaway.”

    The event was hosted at a Walmart in Dulles, Virginia, and included special appearances from his teammates. Almost all of the Redskins secondary was in attendance, showing the team’s comradery and respect for Goldson.

    After enjoying a meal in the store’s dining room, the children were each given $100 gift cards to spend on gifts for themselves and their families. Each player escorted a group of kids, pushing their carts through the aisles ... Read More

  • Get to Know the D.C. Divas: Part 3

    / Blog Posts

    The metropolitan's own D.C. Divas, also wearing the beloved burgundy and gold, are one of the most well-known and successful team's in woman's tackle football. 

    In their 15th season of play, the Divas - from various professional and athletic backgrounds - are the first of its kind in the nation's capital. These women are victorious, clenching their division title with a winning 8-0 in the regular season!

    Don't miss out! View the entire "Get to Know the D.C. Divas" Series: Part 1 and Part 2.


    Meet the Divas:

    Nikia Green - 2011-2012, 2015 OL

    Q: What ... Read More

  • Get to Know the D.C. Divas: Part 2

    12.18.2015 / Blog Posts

    In the second installment of "Get to Know the DC Divas," WOW is proud to give WOW members an inside look at the DC Divas 2015 roster. For more information on the team, check out the first blog post in the series here


    Lauren Chesley - 2015, OL

    Q: What is your favorite movie?

    A: Cleopatra, City of God, 7 Pounds, and anything scary!

    Stephanie Critzos - 2015, WR

    Genaya Davis - 2013, 2015, DB

    Helen Deer - 2014-2015, DL/LB

    Q: What is your favorite sports memory?

    A: My college basketball team beat a previously undefeated team (California University of Pennsylavania) the year ... Read More

  • Career Corner:Negotiate

    / Blog Posts

    Negotiation is essential part of business but also pivotal in establishing the career and success you want. . Knowing proper timing and tactfulness will make the negotiation process seamless.

    The negotiation process is achieved when you can create value and showcase to others how you can be an asset to them. Once you have created this value it is time to negotiate. It is important to remember that organizations will likely not negotiate on your behalf, it’s on you.

    Below are 3 negotiation tips that will help ensure you get what you really want in 2016!

    1.       ASK.

         What do ... Read More

  • Get to Know the D.C. Divas

    12.16.2015 / Blog Posts

    Founded in 2001, the DC Divas is D.C.'s own full-contact football team. The team leads the Women’s Football Alliance, the largest women’s football league, in victories, seasons and games played, playoff appearances, and division championships. With a 110-35 overall record, the DC Divas proudly boast the title of National Champions for the 2006 and 2015 seasons. Both of the National Championship wins came during undefeated seasons. The DC Divas play right around the corner from our Redskins, as their home games take place at Prince George’s Sports Complex, just across from FedExField.  

    Victorious, a documentary ... Read More

  • A More Active Holiday Gifting Guide

    12.16.2015 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    By: Deanna Jefferson

    The holiday season can be full of joy with family and friends, but it can also be full of stressful expectations like planning gatherings, traveling, shopping, decorating, and lack of time to do it all. Not to mention the pressure of buying and giving a "good" gift. So I've made the holidays a little simpler for you by creating a gift guide for your more health conscious loved ones. These are a few of my favorite things that are actually useful and not as obnoxious as a weight scale.

    Ear warmer headphones ($80 at ... Read More

  • Stay Warm During Winter Workouts

    12.14.2015 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    Staying active this winter doesn’t mean you have to be confined to the gym. If you chose to take your exercise out into the cold, here are a few tips to keep you healthy & safe.

    1. Layer up!

    It may seem obvious, but it’s important to wear proper clothing when exercising outside in cold weather. Don’t forget the accessories – these can be just as important as that thick jacket. Here’s a few extra ways to keep your body temp up:

    -Invest in a good hat: According to, “about 50 percent of body heat is ... Read More

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