• Heart Healthy Diet

    02.09.2016 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    February is American Heart Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Every year, 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease, according to the American Heart Association.

    However, the good news is that heart disease can often be prevented when people make healthy choices and manage their health conditions. This month can be used to raise more awareness about heart disease and how you can prevent it.

    Here are some heart healthy diet tips: Read More

    1. Reduce unhealthy fats in your diet -  Rather than avoiding fat in your diet, try replacing ...
  • How to Maintain Your Health Through a Winter Storm

    02.10.2016 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    By Deanna Jefferson, CPT

    Many of us in the North East are just recovering from winter storm Jonas that kept us in the house and buried under several feet of snow for a few days. With winter finally rearing it's ugly head, there's no signs of it slowly anytime soon. So I'm handing out some armor of wisdom with 5 ways to stay happy, healthy and fit throughout this winter season's snowstorms.

    Stay Active. Being snowed in doesn't mean wrap up in bed all day with your favorite comfort foods. You can still be active ... Read More

  • Career Corner: Introducing the Women of Washington Redskins

    02.08.2016 / Blog Posts Career Corner

    As part of the Women of Washington's efforts to grow and create a top notch platform to empower women, we've partnered with The Muse, a fast growing career resource site that offers a behind-the-scenes look at organizations, including our own Washington Redskins. In this special feature with The Muse, we get an in-depth look at some of the executive women at the Redskins, along with the Marketing Manager overseeing the women's platform at the Redskins. This year, look for an even more robust schedule of content on our website and events focusing on professional and personal development ... Read More

  • The Truth About Sugar

    03.02.2016 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    By: Rebecca Nenner, Certified Holistic Health Coach 

    It turns out that many of the things we thought we knew about health and weight loss were about not eating fat.  We were told that fat makes you fat and that it raises your cholesterol and clogs your arteries.  That is a myth.  

    Back in the 1980’s a gentleman by the name of Ancel Keys came up with the hypothesis that fat will make you sick and fat.  We were told to eat a high carb/low fat diet.  This hypothesis was never fully tested, and as it turns out, we ... Read More

  • The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

    02.17.2016 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    By:Rebecca Nenner, Certified Holistic Health Coach 

    Google the benefits of coconut oil and you will get tons of websites giving you hundreds of ways to use coconut oil.  The reason is, it’s one of the best things to have ever!  Many people have stayed away from coconut oil because it is a saturated fat, and saturated fats have been deemed to be evil and harmful.  In this case it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride, which is very different structurally from most saturated fats that are long chain triglycerides.  Coconut ... Read More

  • More Pro Bowl Contest Entries: Love Letter to Football

    02.05.2016 / Blog Posts


    Perfect timing since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! One of our WOW members, Alexis, wrote a love letter to the Redskins as part of our Pro Bowl Hawaii contest. It is clear that she is very passionate about the Burgundy and Gold!  Take a look!


    Among my memories of training wheels, easy-bake ovens and sparkly lip-gloss…I remember you.  You started off as background noise in my house on game day afternoons.  At the time, I was probably interested but not quite impressed by what you had to offer but ... Read More

  • More Pro Bowl Contest Highlights - Growing Up in Guam

    02.04.2016 / Blog Posts


    WOW member Romeo shared her fascinating story about growing up a Redskins fan in Guam! Have a look!

    Story: Growing up from the island of Guam, I spent many days and hours in the library reading books, especially sports about players, teams etc. I already loved the Los Angeles Lakers at the age of 10 upon reading the history of the Lakers, I read that time that Jack Kent Cooke was the owner of the Washington Redskins as well. From there I fell in love with the history of both the Lakers and the Redskins because of ... Read More

  • Bleeding Burgundy & Gold - Pro Bowl Contest Entry

    02.03.2016 / Blog Posts


    Read how WOW member Kara became a Redskins fan! Another fantastic submission from our Pro Bowl Hawaii Contest!

    Story: Growing up in the Washington DC area you were either a Redskins fan or went against the Redskins and became a Cowboys fan...I chose to bleed burgundy and gold which is why I would be a great Redskins Ambassador. I don't remember exactly how it started but my Dad having no boys indoctrinated his girls into football early...he coached and we were cheerleaders!! Saturday's at our house were him coaching boys club football and ... Read More

  • Meet Meredith - More Pro Bowl Contest Favorites

    02.02.2016 / Blog Posts


    Meredith is a WOW member who shared a touching story with us about she and her father and their love for the Redskins. Another great entry from our Pro Bowl Hawaii Sweepstakes! Check it out!

    Story: I have been a fan since birth. My dad was a huge fan and he knew that he was going to make one of his daughters follow in his footsteps. I was born with birth defect that made me have surgery when i was 3 months old. My surgery fell on Super bowl Sunday in 1988, Washington vs Denver. My dad ... Read More

  • Contest Entry Favorites - Pro Bowl 2016

    02.01.2016 / Blog Posts


    We have more highlights of some of the best entries from our Pro Bowl Hawaii contest we want to share with you! We're introducing WOW member Kristy, who shared a great story about how her son recruited her to be one of the Redskins biggest fans!

    Check it out!

    Story: Hello! Women of Washington Redskins! I am a single parent to the biggest Redskins fan ever- my ten year old son, Dylan. He has recruited me to be a Redskins fan. Dylan has attended Redskins football camp and every training camp session he could. He has ... Read More

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