• Four Tips to Indulge and Not Bulge This Thanksgiving

    11.26.2014 / 100 Days of WOW Health and Wellness

    By Deanna Jefferson, Celebrity and Nike Trainer


    And yes, you can still eat the mac & cheese ...

    You CAN have your cake (and turkey!) and eat it too this Thanksgiving. Here's how:

    LOSE THE BOOZE: Alcohol is full of empty calories. Empty calories have no nutritional value, so essentially alcohol is a waste of calories ideal for packing on body fat. Not to mention, alcohol lowers your inhibition and can cause you to over-eat. If you’re going to drink, stick with a glass of red wine or a shot of ... Read More

  • Commonwealth Orthopaedics: Women's Health Physical Therapy

    11.26.2014 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    Women’s health is an area of physical therapy dedicated to evaluating and treating health conditions experienced by women throughout their life span.

    Women of all ages may benefit from physical therapy intervention including young female athletes, pregnant or postpartum females, menopausal and elderly women. Common diagnoses include urinary incontinence, urinary frequency, pelvic organ prolapse, pain during pregnancy and postpartum, diastasis recti, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and pelvic pain.

    The pelvic floor plays a key role in many of the above conditions.

    The pelvic floor consists of muscles, ligaments and fascia, located between the tailbone and pubic bone. These structures support ... Read More

  • 100 Days of WOW - Day 76

    11.26.2014 / 100 Days of WOW

    As the holiday season kicks off tomorrow with Thanksgiving, we want to make sure you stick to your fitness goals and keep healthy over the holidays!

    Today's 100 Days winner will receive a free 3-month membership to their local Sport&Health fitness club. Visit for more information and to find your closest Sport&Health fitness club.

    Play the instant win challenge to win here! Read More

  • Team Behind the Team Featuring Christina Kotwica

    11.25.2014 / Blog Posts Local Lifestyle WOW Interview Series

    WOW had the opportunity to talk to Christina Kotwica, wife of Redskins Special Teams Coordinator, Ben Kotwica, in our latest Team Behind the Team interview!

    Born in San Antonio, TX, Christina married her high school sweetheart at the age of 22. The two were married for 7 years and had two children before Jason’s life was tragically taken. Being in the military, Christina and Jason had crossed paths with many people throughout the duration of their time together, one of them being Ben Kotwica.

    After Jason’s passing, Christina and Ben’s friendship eventually bloomed into their own love ... Read More

  • 100 Days of WOW - Day 75

    11.25.2014 / 100 Days of WOW

    Who's going to win big today?

    We're giving away three big prizes to THREE lucky winners! Enter below and find out if you're going to walk away from Day 75 with a Ryan Kerrigan, Alfred Morris, OR Robert Griffin III autographed jersey! Winners of each signed jersey will be chosen at random.

    Click here to enter to win!

    Day 75 means there's only 25 days left of #100DaysofWOW! Read More

  • 100 Days of WOW - Day 74

    11.24.2014 / 100 Days of WOW

    Looking to splurge on this season's holiday food shopping? If you enter today's giveaway, your shopping could be on us!

    One lucky winner will be bringing home a $200 gift card to Harris Teeter.

    Click here to enter Read More

  • Fashion Faceoff: On The Road In San Francisco

    11.24.2014 / Blog Posts Fashion Redskins

    Although it was a tough loss for the Redskins this weekend in San Francisco, we still enjoy seeing our boys out of uniform. These players dressed to impress this week and we want to know who you choose as your favorite!

    Was it LB Ryan Kerrigan who dressed for success in his grey pants, quarter-zip sweater and stylin' sunglass?

    Maybe you prefer the red accented look coming from S Ryan Clark who donned a red tie and red matching pants?

    Or, did WR Pierre Garcon in his striped shirt, patterned tie and chic sweater catch your eye?

    Choose your favorite ... Read More

  • 100 Days of WOW - Day 73

    11.23.2014 / 100 Days of WOW

    Get pumped up for today's Redskins game by answering our gameday trivia question!

    On what number pick did the Redskins select LB Ryan Kerrigan during the 2011 NFL Draft?

    Answer here for the chance to win his signed photograph!

    View question: Read More

  • 100 Days of WOW - Day 72

    11.22.2014 / 100 Days of WOW

    With the Redskins on the road this weekend we figured it was the perfect time to give away some of our exclusive #RedskinsRally fan packs!

    Packs include an #HTTR tshirt, Beat Dallas rally towel, reusable rally cup, 2014-2015 team poster and yearbook.

    Enter for today's giveaway.

    For more on this weekend's #RedskinsRally locations, special appearances, and more: Click here. Read More

  • #RedskinsRally in San Francisco

    11.22.2014 / Blog Posts Events

    The Redskins are on the road to San Francisco this weekend but that doesn't mean you have to watch the games alone! Join local Redskins fans at one of our #RedskinsRally spots this weekend.

    Fish Market 7611 Old Branch Ave., Clinton, MD 20735

    Green Turtle German Town 19961 Century Road, Germantown, MD

    Bar Louie 150 Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20910


    This Saturday, November 22, Redskins Rally is coming to San Francisco as the Redskins take on the 49ers!

    The event will take place from 5:30 pm-7:00 pm at the San Francisco ... Read More

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