• Redskins Rookie Community Club Takes On Finance Park Demonstration

    via Perry Mattern, Staff Writer

    The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and the Rookie Community Club teamed up for a fun and educational afternoon Friday with the Finance Park Demonstration.

    It’s not often that middle school students have the opportunity to teach NFL players a thing or two about financial management, but that’s exactly what happened at Junior Achievement Finance Park on Friday.

    The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and Rookie Community Club took part in a finance demonstration with help from a group of Thomas Pullen Creative and Performing Arts Academy 8th grade students. The students participating had previously ... Read More

  • ?This 30-Minute Workout Hurts So Good

    via Marissa Gainsburg, Women's Health

    You might complain when your body is can’t-get-off-the-toilet sore, but deep down, you know you love it. That's 'cause that hurts-so-good feeling is evidence that you’ve successfully initiated change on a muscular level, as your torn up muscle fibers work hard to repair themselves into bigger, more defined studs.

    Problem is, as you get fitter, you have to crank up the challenge to produce that kind of soreness. Which is where this killer workout from certified personal trainer Nancy Newell, a strength and conditioning coach at Cressey Sports Performance, comes in ... Read More

  • The Workout You Need to Do If You Sit All Day

    via Amy Schlinger, Self Magazine

    It’s no surprise that sitting all day does some undesirable things to our bodies. Research has linked excessive sitting with an elevated risk for health conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Of course that doesn’t mean you’ll get heart disease just because you have a desk job—but sitting isn’t doing your body any favors.

    Sitting all day can also impact us physically. Sitting for long periods of time, especially with poor posture, makes your hip flexors tight, which causes the glutes (butt muscles) to lengthen to compensate ... Read More

  • WOW Member of the Month: June

    Our June #WOWWednesday Member of the Month is Jessica Taylor.

    In her own words, Jessica Taylor "was raised on Burgundy and Gold"! Hailing from Essex, Virginia, Jessica has been a Redskins fan for as long as she can remember, and growing up she use to watch the games with her father. Her best Redskins moment was when she was able to bring her father to the Redskins vs. Panthers game for his 75th birthday this past season.

    Jessica has been a WOW member for ten year and her favorite WOW memory was meeting Michael Ealy after running the Draft Day ... Read More

  • Get to know #72 Anthony Lanier

    What is Anthony's secret talent? Read more to find out!

    WOW: What are three things you would bring to a deserted island?

    Anthony Lanier: A gun to hunt with, a lifetime supply of fresh water and blankets.

    WOW: What was your favorite restaurant in college?

    AL: There was this one spot called Blessings and I loved their chilli cheese fries

    WOW: What is your favorite Netflix show?

    AL: Right now I am watching Shameless but I also watch Arrow and Wonder Woman

    WOW: What is your favorite holiday? 

    AL: My favorite holiday is on my birthday because every three ... Read More

  • 10 of the Best Beaches Around Washington DC To Visit This Summer

    The one thing Washington DC is missing is a good beach. Luckily it's not a far drive from some incredible beaches. You can find party towns, quiet towns, shopping havens, nature preserves and enough miles of beautiful beaches to satisfy your ocean craving this summer. Here are 10 of the best beaches around Washington DC to add to your summer bucket list.

    1. Sandy Point State Park

    If you need to get to the beach ASAP, Sandy Point State Park is the closest beach to Washington DC in Anne Arundel County on the west side of the Chesapeake. At ... Read More

  • 15 Most Influential Women in Football


    Not all battles in football are won on the field. These 15 women are proof. This group of pioneers has built the National Football League into the meritocracy that it is today, each in her own way. Martha Firestone Ford is a revered owner. Amy Trask is a Super Bowl executive. Sarah Thomas is a full-time referee. Beth Mowins is set to break ground as a national play-by-play announcer. Charean Williams is a national writer and Hall of Fame selector. From the front office to the field, these women have made significant in-roads towards defining the direction ... Read More

  • 10 Beat-the-Heat Summer Smoothie Recipes

    via Rachel Jacoby Zoldan, Daily Burn

    It’s official: Summer’s in full swing — as are the heat and humidity that goes along with it. But chill out. Really. All you need to do is mix up one of these seasonally inspired smoothies for a cool treat that’s got major health benefits, too. Below are our favorite recipes, but feel free to tweak and add your own extras for your delicious summer sip.

    1. Grape-Berry Protein Smoothie

      Sweet frozen grapes are an ideal complement to berries. Mix them together, and you’re in for an antioxidant-rich treat. Plus, when you ... Read More

  • Come Rally At The Redskins' 85th Anniversary Summer Kickoff Celebration

    via Redskins Blog

    If you haven’t been aware, the Redskins are celebrating their 85th anniversary this year. Accordingly, the team announced last month the establishment of their largest fan engagement program to date: The Hall of Fans.

    But there are more opportunities to show your fandom and celebrate the team’s 85 years of existence.

    Fans will have the opportunity to meet Clinton Portis and Santana Moss for a Redskins Rally kickoff event starting at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, June 19, at The Exchange Saloon in downtown Washington, D.C. Admission is free.

    There will be giveaways ... Read More

  • Collette Smith Becomes Second Female Coach in the NFL

     via Jeremy Woo, Sports Illustrated

    The Jets will hire Collette Smith as an intern to work with defensive backs during training camp, making her the first female coach in team history, the New York Daily News reports.

    Smith, 44, works as a coach and marketing executive for the New York Sharks of the Independent Women’s Football League. She formerly played for the team.

    Smith, who is from Queens, NY and grew up a fan of the team, spent time at Jets practices last year and connected with head coach Todd Bowles, effectively shadowing

    “I’m over the top. I ... Read More

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