• 85th Anniversary: The Hall of Fans

    As a celebration of the 85th anniversary, the Washington Redskins continue to celebrate the Hall of Fans. We are exctied to recognize our biggest, most passionate fans to help us celebrate this milestone.

    This week WOW would like to highlight Heather Akin!

    "Cheif Zee, thank you for years of memories. The very first Redskins game my mom took me to I got to meet you. I made it my mission to find you every game after that! All Redskins fans will forever keep you in our hearts!"

    HTTR to all of our WOW ladies! If you would like to have ... Read More

  • WOW Member of the Month: July

    Our #WOWWednesday winner for the month of July is Flo Williams!

    According to Flo, she was born a Redskins fan and will remain a loyal fan for life. She was raised in a house full of Redskins fans. They use to watch all the game in their "Redskins" room and had memorabilia ranging fromRedskins gum, Redskins soda cans, to Redskins jerseys.

    Flo's favorite Redskins and WOW memory was attending "A Day in the Life of a NFL Player" with Dr. Jen Welter and Santana Moss. She said, "It was an awesome experience, I learned a lot, and I can ... Read More

  • NFL Hires Terri Valenti, its First Female Replay Official

    via Jeremy Bergman,

    The league announced Thursday that Terri Valenti will become the first female instant replay official in NFL history. The move was first reported in March by Alex Marvez of The Sporting News.

    Valenti has an extensive background in football. She has worked in instant replay in the NFL for the past five seasons. Prior to working in replay, Valenti became the first woman to officiate a professional football game with the now-defunct United Football League in 2009. She was also named Official of the Year in the Arena Football League in 2015.

    Valenti joins full-time ... Read More

  • Highlighting Seven Things We've Learned About Terrelle Pryor Sr.

    via Alyssa Haduck, Contributing Writer


    As part of the Seven Things We've Learned About Terrelle Pryor Sr., we wanted to highlight  his growing social media presence where he shares his workouts and technique with fans on a daily basis. However, fans are not the only ones getting in on the action, teammate Kirk Cousins has started following Pryor's progress leading up to the season.

    To read more about the Seven Things We've Learned from Terrelle Pryor Sr. please visit Read More

  • Get To Know #46 Nico Marley

    If Redskins rookie, Nico Marley, could go anywhere, where would he go?


    WOW: Who is your favorite superhero?

    Nico Marley: My parents


    WOW: If you could tavel anywhere, where would you go?

    Nico Marley: Haiti and Jamaicia, back to my home


    WOW: Do you have any pregame rituals?

    Nico Marley: I sit in my locker,relax, and get my head in the game, and will text my father and mother for inspiration


    WOW: What is your favorite inspirational quote?

    Nico Marley: "Lion order" Read More

  • 85th Anniversary: The Hall of Fans

    As a celebration of the 85th anniversary, the Washington Redskins have recently announced the establishment of our Hall of Fans. We are excited to recognize our biggest, most passionate fans to help us celebrate this milestone. This online community allows Redskins fans the opportunity to become part of Redskins history and forever be celebrated as a member of the Hall of Fans!

    This week WOW would like to highlight Beverley Fahlstrom!

    Lisa Fahlstrom nominated Beverley Fahlstrom saying, "Beverley, is one of the Redskins OLDEST fans. The woman on the left has created MANY Redskins fans. Not only is she in ... Read More

  • Redskins Weekend Social Recap: Josh Norman Goes To Spain

    via Jake Kring-Schreifels, Staff Writer

    It’s been more than a week of vacation for players, which means they’ve had enough time to plan out some trips and camps for their month off. Some prefer to stay home, but cornerback Josh Norman is taking advantage of his summer, living it up in Barcelona and Ibiza, Spain.

    "Barca¡ *Barca¡ *BARCA¡!! Indulging in the many Wonder's This World has to offer But I tell you ?never seems to escape my presence no matter how far I go nor what I do, always she travels shotgun. From bottom to the Top ... Read More

  • Trent Williams Driven By Potential To Be Best Ever

    via Alyssa Haduck, Contributing Writer

    Entering his eighth NFL season, Washington Redskins tackle Trent Williams continues to build on what he hopes is a legacy that extends well beyond his playing days.

    As a top-five pick, a five-time Pro Bowl selection and No. 47 on NFL’s Top 100 Players list, Washington Redskins Trent Williams has proven to be one of the best players in the NFL over the last seven years.

    This offseason, with aspirations to build on his NFL success to date, Williams decided to alter his offseason approach slightly. 

    In a quest to “be a better Trent ... Read More

  • 85th Anniversary: The Hall of Fans

    As the Redskins 85th season celebration continues, WOW is excited to recognize another member who continues to show passion and enthusiam for the Skins!

    This week WOW would like to highlight Debra Konopka!

    “My friends call me Mrs. Redskin. My parents were Redskins fans. I have been a fan since I was a child. I have been going to the games since the early 70’s at RFK Stadium. I have been a season ticket holder since FedEx Field. I never miss a game, always tailgating with my friends. I go to all the events i.e. Draft Day, Holiday ... Read More

  • Get To Know #29 Kendall Fuller

    Get To Know Cornerback Kendall Fuller!

    WOW: If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?

    Kendall Fuller: My brothers

    WOW: What is your go-to karaoke song?

    Kendall Fuller: Candy Rain

    WOW: What is your favorite tourist spot in DC?

    Kendall Fuller: I want to go to the African American Museum


    WOW: Coffee or Tea?

    Kendall Fuller: Tea

    WOW: Beach or mountains?

    Kendall Fuller: Beach

    WOW: Suit or sweats?

    Kendall Fuller: Sweats

    WOW: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

    Kendall Fuller: Instagram Read More

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