• WOW Exclusive Offer: Ladies Layered Tank

    04.19.2012 / Blog Posts Fashion

    Hey Ladies - Who's excited for the Draft Day Party at FedExField?

    While we prep for next season, you can too with a deal on this Redskins layered tank. It's perfect for the Draft Day Party and for cheering on the team this summer at Training Camp!

    Item: Ladies Layered Redskins Tank

    WOW Price: $19.95
    Original Retail:


    Limited quantities available. This deal is ONE day only. Read More

  • Navigating the Milk Aisle: A Guide to Alternative Milk Sources

    04.17.2012 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    Amy Bortnick

    Jane Jakubczak MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN Redskins Team Dietitian

    To continue our discussion on milk, I thought it was important to break down the nutritional profile of the many different milk alternatives on the market today. Amy Bortnick identifies the pros and cons of the most popular milk alternatives, including soy milk and almond milk, for WOW members.

    Alternative Milk Sources

    Amy Bortnick, University of Maryland Senior Dietetic Student

    I am a huge fan of milk and always have been as a child. It was a rule in my house to finish a full glass of milk before ... Read More

  • When to leave the workout routine at home

    04.13.2012 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    AP Photo

    By Becky Johnson, Certified Personal Trainer (ACE); IBNFC Certified Nutrition Coach

    Do vacation and exercise go together?

    The answer is up for debate.

    As I was on vacation this past week, I had an internal battle going on in my head. I know I should be relaxing and enjoying the time away with my family. But in the back of my mind, I felt like I needed to keep up with my workouts. I went to the gym and ran as I would have at home. It got me thinking about how obsessed or consumed I am by ... Read More

  • WOW Exclusive Offer: Save on All Redskins Hair Accessories

    04.12.2012 / Blog Posts Fashion

    There's not time like the present - to stock up on Redskins Hair Accessories for this coming season!

    Item: All Redskins Hair Accessories

    WOW Deal: Save 25% when you use the sale code WOWDEAL4


    Redskins Rally, October, 23rd Redskins-Panthers game - Check out the raffle winner's headband!
  • In the Raw: The Facts on Unpasteurized Milk

    04.09.2012 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    AP Photo

    By Jane Jakubczak MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN; Redskins Dietitian

    To continue our discussion on milk, Alex, a senior dietetic student of mine discusses the topic of Raw Milk.

    In the Raw: The Facts on Raw Milk

    By: Alexandra Wahlberg, University of Maryland Dietetic Student

    Lately I’ve been reading about the controversies surrounding raw milk and maybe you have too. For those who don’t know, raw milk is unaltered milk typically from a cow, goat or sheep. This means it’s not pasteurized, homogenized or treated in anyway, unlike the milk we buy in a grocery store ... Read More

  • Using Technology to Get Fit

    04.06.2012 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    AP Photo

    By Becky Johnson, Certified Personal Trainer (ACE); IBNFC Certified Nutrition Coach

    Adopting a habit of regular exercise doesn’t require special equipment or gadgets. It can be as simple as putting on a pair of shoes and heading out for daily walks. For many people, that’s enough. But if you’re easily bored or enjoy using technology, take your fun and fitness to the next level with electronic exercise gadgets and digital devices.

    Designed to inspire and motivate, these products can help keep your fitness program enjoyable and entertaining while giving you objective data about your progress ... Read More

  • WOW Exclusive Offer: Ladies Redskins Tank

    04.05.2012 / Blog Posts Fashion

    Temperatures are supposed to heat up by Draft Day, so show your Washington Redskins team spirit at the Draft Day Parties at FedExField with THIS Ladies Burnout Racerback tank.

    Item: Ladies Burnout Tank

    WOW Price: $19.95
    Original Retail:


    Limited quantities available. This deal is for ONE day only. Read More

  • Got Milk? How to Select the Best for you Family

    04.04.2012 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    AP Photo

    By Jane Jakubczak MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN; Redskins Dietitian

    One of the most common questions I hear from my clients is: "Which is healthier, soy milk or cow’s milk”?

    The first question I ask in return, “ Are you lactose intolerant and/or are you a vegetarian?”

    If the answer to either question is “yes” I recommend soy milk and encourage them to choose a fortified brand. Think you may be lactose intolerant? Click here for more information.

    If the client is not lactose intolerant or vegetarian, then my next set of questions includes, “which type of milk ... Read More

  • Alessia McIntosh talks Gameday, the GRAN Foundation and more!

    04.04.2012 / Blog Posts Community Redskins

    Rocky McIntosh has spent the past six seasons wearing burgundy and gold. Drafted out of the University of Miami in 2006 and recording a career-high 110 tackles for the Redskins in 2010, the linebacker finished off the 2011 NFL season with 65 combined tackles, one sack and one pass breakup. While Rocky is currently a free agent, we don’t think is the last we will see of the McIntosh’s in the DMV.

    In January, Rocky and his wife, Alessia, founded and launched a non-profit organization called A GRAN Foundation, focused on empowering youth and giving underserved children the ... Read More

  • Kenny Chesney Debuts New Single With Tim McGraw "Feel Like a Rock Star", to Perform Together at FedExField on August 12

    04.03.2012 / Blog Posts Events Redskins

    The Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday marked the debut of Kenny Chesney's duet with Tim McGraw, "Feel Like a Rock Star," the first single from Chesney's upcoming release 'Welcome To The Fishbowl' (6.19, BNA Records). Pre-order the album on iTunes now and receive an immediate download of "Feel Like A Rock Star" -

    Chesney recently spoke with USA Today about the title track, "Welcome To The Fishbowl," which addresses what he calls, "our shrinking world and culture," adding that in today's world, "you don't have to be in the public ... Read More

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