• Inside Look: Redskins Cheerleaders' Dermatologist Talks Hair Loss

    11.16.2015 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    Dr. Robert S. Berger of Charles County Dermatology


    You have noticed that your hair is getting thinner- is it because Uncle Joe or Aunt Jane had thin hair, or some other reason?  What can you do about it? 

    The most common cause of hair loss, by far and away, is the “inherited” type, or androgenic alopecia. This is the loss of hair due to sensitivity of the hair follicles to androgens over time. It is also called male or female pattern baldness. Women produce androgens, much lower than men, but do so just the same. As estrogen levels wane with ... Read More

  • 2015 Ed Block Courage Award

    11.16.2015 / Blog Posts Redskins

    Last week, the Washington Redskins were proud to announce Morgan Moses as the 2015 recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award.

    The Ed Block Courage Award honors “players who exemplify commitments to the principles of sportsmanship and courage” ( Not only that, but the award reflects recognition from teammates. Each NFL team determines their recipient by voting for which of their peers they feel best embodies these qualities. Recipients of this esteemed award become “Ambassadors of Courage for victims of abuse, violence, and neglect” (

    Morgan Moses was the 66th overall pick in ... Read More

  • WOW Exclusive Offer: Redskins Plastic Storage Containers

    Get organized, Redskins style! Save 25% on these Redskins Plastic Storage Containers with this week's WOW Deal!

    Use the code WOWDEAL181


    Valid online only and while supplies last. Cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion. Read More

  • Wedding Wisdom: WRC Madison

    / Blog Posts

    The Women of Washington are teaming up with the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders (WRC) to bring you "Wedding Wisdom."

    Follow the First Ladies of Football along their engangement journeys! 



    WRC Madison got engaged to Carlin on May 9th in Washington, D.C.! 

    How did we meet?

    Carlin and I met on May 11, 2008, in Washington DC. At the time, Howard University’s annual graduation festivities just finished. I was talking about the weekend and complaining about a boy to my best friend/sorority sister Ashley Blaine Featherson. She suggested that I stop complaining and start dating. She recommended that I ... Read More

  • The Power of Positivity

    11.11.2015 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    "Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate" - Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking

    Mental health is just as important as physical health – we often fail to realize the impact negative thoughts have on our attitudes, work performances, and relationships. Combating negative thoughts isn’t easy, but it’s essential for a healthy lifestyle. In order to recognize the power of positivity, we must consciously take steps to increase the flow of positive thoughts.

    Being consistently aware of your thoughts doesn’t come naturally, it takes practice and dedication. Here are a few tips to get ... Read More

  • Festive Workouts This Holiday Season

    11.09.2015 / Blog Posts Community

    In the rush of the holiday season, working out often gets knocked down on the priority list. You get distracted with shopping, cooking, traveling, and family. Between all the errands, working out just doesn’t seem festive.

    But the holiday season can make everything fun – even that workout you may be dreading. Throughout the months of November and December, holiday-themed races and fun runs are taking place across the country. Running a 5K in your favorite ugly sweater? Now that’s holiday spirit (and great exercise!).

    Don’t let that delicious turkey and stuffing slow you down. Get a group ... Read More

  • WOW Exclusive Offer: Ladies Redskins Infinity Scarf

    / Blog Posts Fashion

    November means scarf season! Show your style and HTTR spirit when you save 25% on this infinity scarf, only with WOW!

    Use the code WOWDEAL182


    Valid online only and while supplies last. Cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion.


      Read More

  • Career Corner: Internships

    11.05.2015 / Blog Posts

    Securing internships at the start of your career is crucial to your professional development. It gives you real world experience, while honing your skills, and showcasing your competence to future employers. Internships are also a good test to make sure you are on the right career path for yourself.

    No longer are the days where interns only fetch coffee and answer phones. Today, you are expected to conduct the duties and tasks of an actual employee because technically you are one.

    As an intern for the Washington Redskins, the first day can be daunting. As with any new job, you ... Read More

  • 50th Military Appreciation Tour

    / Blog Posts

    November 1st marked the start of Military Appreciation Month. While there are many ways to show appreciation for those who serve, the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders did something a little extra special.

    The first ladies of football headed overseas from October 7th to the 19th for their 50th Military Appreciation Tour. This year’s tour made three stops: Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq. During their tour, the cheerleaders performed routines, met with troops, and spread a little Redskins cheer to all those serving overseas.

    The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders showed their appreciation in a big way, taking time out ... Read More

  • All-Star Survivors Series: Joyce Astwood

    10.31.2015 / Blog Posts Breast Cancer Awareness

    Throughout the month of October, WOW will be sharing stories from 31 All-Star Survivors, currently battling Breast Cancer. This group of women, selected by American Cancer Society, was honored during the October 4th Redskins Think Pink! game and at a special event hosted at Redskins Park on October 5, 2015. 

     Today we honor and celebrate Joyce Astwood! 

    What do you appreciate most as an “All-Star Survivor”?

    I'm alive and can help and encourage others with Breast Cancer.


    What motivated you during your treatment?

    God is in charge and there is more for me to accomplish.


    What is one thing ... Read More

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