• DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

    03.29.2016 / Blog Posts

    As March is quickly coming to an end, so is National Craft Month. There is no better way to end our weekly craft tutorials than with a craft that involves mason jars! These simple mason jar lanterns are quick and easy to make and can be used indoor or outdoor; perfect for a dinner party or an outdoor BBQ!



    - half pint mason jars

    - battery operated votives

    - double stick tape

    - twine


    Directions: Read More

    1. Set the mason jar lid upside down, and use a piece of double stick tape to attach the candle to the center.  Use double stick tape because it ...
  • Countdown to Draft Day


    WOW members are incredible when helping us countdown the days until football! As we inch closer to Draft Day, we figured what better way to thank our great fans than to give away great prizes! Enter for a chance to win Washington Redskins autographed items each week leading into Draft Week. Want to increase your chances? Refer a new WOW member and get a bonus entry!

      Read More

  • Mini Carrot Cakes

    03.25.2016 / Blog Posts Recipes

    Try this delicious recipe for mini carrot cakes! It's a perfect finger food for a small get together! Happy spring!

    Mini carrot cakes with cinnamon buttercream filling

    Serves: 10 mini cakes



    For the carrot cake:

    200 g butter (0.88 cups)

    185 g sugar (0.82 cups)

    200 g eggs (about 4)

    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    salt, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon

    3 g baking powder (1¼ teaspoons)

    210 g flour (1¾ cups)

    100 g grated carrots (1 cup)

    For the cinnamon buttercream:

    250 g butter, softened (1.1 cups)

    75 g sugar (1/3 cup)

    150 g eggs ... Read More

  • How to Be Happy With the Life You Have Right Now

    03.28.2016 / Blog Posts Career Corner

    By Kat BoogardThe Muse


    More, more, more.

    More money. A better job title. A bigger house. A nicer wardrobe. We all want more. It’s human nature, really. Even if you aren’t a restless perfectionist who’s constantly trying to push herself to the next level (I’m blushing and putting my face down on my desk over here), most of us usually aren’t willing to completely stagnate. We all have at least some desire to keep moving forward.

    But, let’s face it—living our lives with a ceaseless yearning to constantly get our greedy little ... Read More

  • Keeping Your Health a Priority

    03.23.2016 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    By Deanna Jefferson, CPT

    In our fast-paced and busy lives, health and fitness can often be put on the back burner of priorities. But just as a car without routine maintenance doesn’t ride as efficiently, people without routine health practices don’t function and think as well. As mothers, wives, workers, and business owners, we need our bodies and minds to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. We can't take the best care of our families if we are not 'well-oiled'.

    One advantage of being extremely busy is that we don’t have time for non-essentials. We ... Read More

  • Benefits of Biking

    03.30.2016 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    The temperatures are warming up and exercising outside will soon be an option! Put the pedal to the pavement and start biking! There are so many great benefits to hopping on your bike, your body will thank you!

    Biking is lower impact on your body than many other forms of cardiovascular exercise such as running or jogging. It is not weight-bearing so many people can bike well into their 70’s and even 80’s; it is a form of exercise for all ages. Also, biking can increase your energy levels and decrease fatigue. One study found that your body ... Read More

  • How to Make Paper Tulips

    03.22.2016 / Blog Posts

    Craft and image by: Michelle - Crafty Morning


    Spring is finally here! As part of National Craft Month, we are posting a fun and easy craft each week in March! This week’s DIY project is making cute paper tulips. What better way to welcome spring than with some flowers to brighten up your house! 


    Materials you will need:


    -Glue (stick or bottle)

    -Pieces of colored paper (green for the stem, any bright color for the petals!)



    Start by cutting out three tear drop shapes with the colored paper you are using for the petals. Make sure they are ... Read More

  • Free Agency Update: Welcome New Washington Redskins LB Terence Garvin

    / Blog Posts Redskins

    The Washington Redskins continue to pad their defensive and special teams depth, signing linebacker Terence Garvin on Friday. Read More

    Some Quick Facts:

    • Terence Garvin spent the first three years of his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers after going undrafted in 2013.
    • During Garvin's three-season stint with the Steelers, Garvin totaled 36 tackles, including a career-high 16 during the 2014 season.
    • He recorded his first career tackle on Sept. 22 against the Chicago Bears and his first start on Dec. 22 against the Green Bay Packers.
    • Despite recording only one defensive start, Garvin was an asset to the Steelers’ special teams ...
  • 7 Shortcuts Anyone Can Take to Become a Better Writer

    03.21.2016 / Blog Posts Career Corner

    By Aja Frost ,The Muse

    Have you ever met someone who’s a great speaker—but a horrible writer? During meetings and face-to-face conversations, he’s incredibly clear, engaging, and persuasive. Yet, when he’s writing an email or drafting a report, his power of communication seem to vanish completely.

    If you suspect this applies to you, even a little, I have good news: I rounded up seven easy-to-follow tips for instantly making your writing abilities just as strong as your speaking skills. Maybe even better!


    1. Get Rid of Big Words

    You’ve probably heard that using big words ... Read More

  • Alleviate Seasonal Allergies

    / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

    The trees are budding and the grass is getting greener, the birds are chirping and the weather is warmer.  What a wonderful time of the year, unless you suffer from seasonal allergies.  When I moved to the DC area in 1999, my seasonal allergies were way worse than they were back in New York.  My nose was stuffy, I was constantly sneezing, my eyes were watery, and overall I just felt tired. 

    When you have seasonal allergies life is miserable.  Your body is in constant alert mode.  You have histamines flowing through you as if you are under attack, and ... Read More

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