Wellness Wednesday: Turkey Reuben Recipe

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Chef Jon Mathieson, executive chef for the Washington Redskins, demonstrates how to make a spin off the Turkey Reuben, a classic summer dish. To watch the video click here!


-          Smoked peppered turkey

-          Swiss cheese

-          Marble rye bread

-          Vinaigrette

-          Cabbage slaw

-          Avocado puree



  1. Add olive oil to your pan or griddle on medium heat
  2.  Add turkey with the cheese on top of it so it can start to melt
  3. Place the bread in the olive oil so it was toast on both sides
  4. Then spread the puree on each slice of bread
  5. Finally, add the turkey witch melted cheese along with the cabbage slaw on the bread

As a side dish you can add potato fries as a starch component or a green salad tossed in a little bit of vinaigrette.

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