Most Powerful Women in Sports

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Forbes’ Most Powerful Women in U.S. Sports 2018:


  1. Michele Roberts: Executive Director of National Basketball Players Association. 1st woman to lead a major pro sports union in North America
  2. Lesa France Kennedy: CEO of International Speedway Corporation (ISC) & Vice Chairwoman of NASCAR – manages 13 of America’s biggest race tracks
  3. Serena Williams: Tennis player, world’s highest-paid female athlete. 23 grand slam titles, including one in 2017 while she was pregnant. Has won 86% of her career matchups
  4. Christine Driessen: Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, ESPN
  5. Val Ackerman: Commissioner, Big East Conference
  6. Billie Jean King: Professional Tennis Player and LGBTQ advocate
  7. Condoleezza Rice: member, NCAA’s commission on college basketball
  8. Jeanie Buss: Co-owner & President, Los Angeles Lakers
  9. Michelle Wilson: Co-president, World Wrestling Entertainment
  10. Kim Ng: Senior Vice President for Baseball Operations, MLB
  11. Dawn Hudson: Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, NFL
  12. Pamela El: Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, NBA
  13. Sandy Barbour: Athletic Director, Penn State University
  14. Amy Brooks: President, Team Marketing & Business Operations & Chief Innovation Officer, NBA
  15. Shelia Johnson: Co-owner Washington Mystics, Wizards, Capitals
  16. Katrina Adams: CEO, Chairman & President, United States Tennis Association
  17. Lisa Borders: President, WNBA
  18. Lisa Friel, Special Counsel for Investigations, NFL
  19. Angela Ruggiero: CEO & Co-Founder, Sports Innovation Lab, Olympic Gold Medalist
  20. Becky Hammon: Assistant Coach, San Antonio Spurs
  21. Jessica Mendoza: Broadcaster, ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball
  22. Laura Gentile: Senior Vice President, ESPNw
  23. Katie Blackburn: Executive Vice President, Cincinnati Bengals
  24. Kathy Carter: President, Soccer United Marketing
  25. Erika Nardini: CEO Barstool Sports
  26. Heidi Browning Pearson: Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, NHL
  27. Joni Comstock: Senior Vice President of Championships and Senior Woman Administrator, NCAA
  28. Doris Burke: TV Analyst, ESPN and ABC
  29. Mary Ann Turcke: President, NFL Digital Media and NFL Network
  30. Angelina Lawton: CEO, Sportsdigita
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