DIY Decorations

If you are looking for some ways to update your holiday decorations, check out a few of these easy and inexpensive ways to make sure your holiday spirit shines.

Paper Reindeer Garland:


Red and White twine

Assorted brown card stock

Red card stock


Hot glue gun


Use this template to create the reindeer and Santa’s sleigh

Download and print the template and trace it onto your cardstock

Cut carefully around the antlers

Tie the twine around the reindeer’s necks, hot glue if necessary to keep them in place

Connect the reindeer to the sleigh

Tie, tape, or glue your garland in place on your mantle


Burlap Wreath:


Styrofoam wreath

Burlap ribbon or fabric

Colored or Printed ribbon


Hot glue gun

Additional ornaments or decorations


Take your burlap ribbon or fabric wrapping it around the styrofoam wreath, securing it with hot glue as you go along

For your ornaments and other decorations, use twine and the hot glue gun to keep it in place

Use some ribbon to hang your wreath from your door


Need some more ideas? Check out the following link for more options

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