WOW Member of the Month: June

Our June #WOWWednesday Member of the Month is Jessica Taylor.

In her own words, Jessica Taylor "was raised on Burgundy and Gold"! Hailing from Essex, Virginia, Jessica has been a Redskins fan for as long as she can remember, and growing up she use to watch the games with her father. Her best Redskins moment was when she was able to bring her father to the Redskins vs. Panthers game for his 75th birthday this past season.

Jessica has been a WOW member for ten year and her favorite WOW memory was meeting Michael Ealy after running the Draft Day 5K this year!

According to Jessica, her favorite Redskins player will always be Sean Taylor and her go-to tailgate recipe is pulled pork BBQ, made in the crockpot!


Keep sending in your #WOWWednesday pictures for the chance to be selected for our July Member of the Month! #HTTR


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