Get to know # 89 Derek Carrier

WOW: Where is your favorite place to travel?

Derek Carrier: Turks and Cacaos


WOW: What is your favorite meal?

DC: Spaghetti


WOW: What is your favorite holiday?

DC: Christmas or 4th of July


WOW: What was your first car?

DC: GMC Sierra


WOW: If you could have dinner with anyone would it be?

DC: My late grandfather on my mother’s side


Rapid Round

WOW: Hotdogs or Burgers?

DC: Neither, I grew up in Wisconsin, so brats


WOW: Soda or Pop?

DC: Neither, I don’t drink any, but I’ll call it soda


WOW: Pizza or pasta?

DC: Pizza


WOW: Dogs or cats?

DC: Dogs


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