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WOW Ladies,

We are excited to start #WOWWednesday to celebrate our members’ dedication to the burgundy and gold!

We will announce a “WOW Member of the Month” during one Wednesday each month. Members can send their best picture showcasing their Redskins pride to or tag us on social media with #WOWWednesday for a chance to be selected.

The WOW Member of the Month will be featured in a blog on with their Redskins photo!

After selecting a winner, we will contact you with the following questions:

-How long have you been a Redskins fan?

-Who is your favorite Redskins player?

-What is your favorite Redskins or WOW memory?

-What is your favorite tailgate dish or recipe? 

As our official WOW Member of the Month, we will also send you a Redskins fan pack!

So join in on the fun with #WOWWednesday!

Hail to the Redskins!! 

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