50th Military Appreciation Tour

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November 1st marked the start of Military Appreciation Month. While there are many ways to show appreciation for those who serve, the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders did something a little extra special.

The first ladies of football headed overseas from October 7th to the 19th for their 50th Military Appreciation Tour. This year’s tour made three stops: Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq. During their tour, the cheerleaders performed routines, met with troops, and spread a little Redskins cheer to all those serving overseas.

The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders showed their appreciation in a big way, taking time out of their hectic schedules to spend over a week abroad. Not everyone has the resources to make a gesture this big, but this Military Appreciation Month all acts of kindness are appreciated. Reach out to military members in your community or help make care packages to send abroad – a simple “thank you for your service” goes a long way.

Let’s start off this week – and month – right by motivating ourselves and those who serve!


Follow @RedskinsSalute, the official military appreciation club of the Washington Redskins & see how we honor military all year long.


Click here for pictures of the 50th Military Appreciation Tour. 

Read the cheerleaders' personal blogs from the tour:

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