Summer 2015 Bucket List!

06.06.2015 / Blog Posts Community

As summer is almost upon us, and I’m sure our thermometers would agree, it’s time to start preparing our calendars for what’s in store!

Like the T.V. show WIPEOUT? Now you and your friends can join in the fun! WIPEOUT run is coming to RFK on June 20 to present a “crashtastic 5k.”

How about attending one of the largest music festivals in D.C.? The DC Jazz Festival not only brings you talent on the local, national and even international scale, but also promotes year-round music education programs. The 6-day event is bringing festivities for you, a friend and even the kids!

‘Tis the season for seafood! The National Harbor is hosting a Chesapeake Crab & Beer Festival Saturday, August 22. Who doesn’t love good food in the summertime? Not to mention LivingSocial is providing a deal you cannot miss out on!

Judging from previous summers, temperatures can soar in the summertime and the last place you want to go is outside. The Museum of Science has activities to offer to the whole family. The icing on the cake is the massive dome room that takes viewership to a whole new level! 

And don't forget to share photos of you rocking the Redskins by posting it and tagging #WOWredskins, all summer long! 

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