Circuit Training for Women

08.06.2014 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

By Deanna Jefferson, Celebrity and Nike Trainer

Three weeks ago the ladies of WOW took over FedExField for an exhilarating football themed fitness bootcamp.

I led the workout with the help of trainers Tiffani Rhodes, Devoné Martin and several others on my fit team. We sweat, laughed and had so much fun running, jumping, squatting, lunging, crunching and tossing footballs through different exercise stations. One of the participants asked me about why I chose this particular style of workout, so I figured I would touch on it in this post!

Deanna Jefferson with her team of awesome trainers at the WOW Boot Camp event!

As women, many of our goals are to burn body fat and tone up by building muscle. I have found that circuit training does this most effectively when organized correctly.

Circuit training for women whose goal is to increase fat loss and muscle tone should combine aerobic exercises (such as jogging, jump roping, or punching) and resistance exercises (such as squatting, push-ups, or lunges).

You should switch quickly from one exercise to the next with very little recovery in between and exercises should be done at a moderate to high intensity and in quick succession. In addition to being a great way for women to burn fat and gain muscle, circuit training is also a great time saver (yielding maximum results in half the time) and it can be done with minimal to no equipment.

A circuit should consist of two or more exercises, and each circuit should be repeated at least once. The resting period between each exercise should be about 15 secs and can increase depending on the intensity of the workout.

Exercises should be spread out over a variety of muscle groups as not to fatigue one muscle group too early. It is also extremely important to remember to incorporate a stretch after your circuit training workout to reduce soreness, increase range of motion, and decrease your risk of injury.

Deanna's Circuit Training Workout
Try it at home:Complete each exercise for 30 secs with 20 secs of recovery in between. Repeat each circuit twice. For a more challenging workout increase the work time, reduce the recovery time, and/or increase the repetitions of the circuit.


Jumping jacks


Stationary sprint

Rear lunges

Quick jabs

Tricep dips

Jump rope (or simulated jump rope)

Happy Circuit Training!

Click here to check out more photos and a full recap from WOW's Bootcamp at FedExField with Nike Trainer Deanna Jefferson.


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