WOW sits down with Redskins RB Evan Royster

04.17.2014 / Blog Posts Redskins

Last year, WOW sat down with Dawna Royster, mom to Redskins RB Evan Royster, to talk about raising four boys and her favorite local hangouts. She also sent along some great photos, including today's #throwackthursday post (see below). 

We turned the tables this week and sat down with the running back himself. Read on to find out how he's spending the off-season, what's playing on his iPod, and even some hidden talents...

What are you looking forward to most this offseason?
New coaching staff and a new start

What's your favorite off-season activity?

What is the #1 most played song on your iPod right now?
Royals - Lorde

When was the last time you were nervous?
Draft Day

What is your motto in life?
"Don't let anything get you down"

What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?
Her sense of humor

What's your perfect date night?
Hibachi and a movie!

What's your favorite movie?
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

If you could do any job other than play in the NFL, what would it be?
Professional golfer

What is your favorite book?
Game of Thrones

Do you have any hidden talents?
Used to play trombone

In the spirit of throwback thursday, a weekly theme on social media where users post content from the past, enjoy this photo of Evan Royster in what appears to be elementary school. We're glad he eventually switched to football! Thanks for sitting down with us, Evan!

Check out what Larry Michael and CSN Washington have to say about Evan Royster as we head into the 2014 Draft.

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