Green Tuna Wrap Recipe

04.16.2014 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness Recipes

Kimberly Young, MA; Founder of Healthy Little Cooks and author of the 5-Minute Lunchbox

Looking for ways to get more green leafy veggies in your diet? Swap out the carbohydrate packed bread with a collard leaf.  Fill it with protein-packed veggie tuna salad and you’ll be serving your body a nutrient dense satisfying sandwich.

1 5oz can light tuna packed in water
1 tablespoon olive-oil based mayonnaise (or light mayonnaise)
1/8 cup shredded carrots
1/8 cup diced celery
1/8 cup diced red cabbage
1 large collard green leaf


Rinse collard leaf with water, pat dry and cut off stem

Drain tuna and pour into a bowl

Place rest of the ingredients into a bowl and combine

Place tuna mixture on collard leave and wrap

Eat and enjoy!


** Photography Disclaimer- All pictures are copyright of Healthy Little Cooks, LLC **

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