What Successful People Do During Their Lunch Break

03.12.2014 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

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By Deanna Jefferson, Celebrity and Nike Trainer

According to a Monster study in 2010, 32% of people took a lunch break "only if I'm not too busy", and 7% denied eating lunch at all. Here are some tips for what successful people do during their lunch break.

Move. Many exercise studios offer lunchtime classes. Take a walk to a nearby studio and burn some calories during your break. You can also take a brisk walk  or walk up and down a few flights of stairs. Getting your blood flowing is a great way to get your mental juices flowing and focused for the second half of your day.

Eat light. A big high-carb or high-fat lunch will lead to a crash in the afternoon. Include some protein and complex carbs like veggies, fruits, and fiber filled whole grains. Avoid snacks like candies and chocolates during lunch, which may give you a part time energy boost, but leave you crashing shortly after. Opt for fresh fruit, low sodium un-buttered popcorn, low-sugar Greek yogurt, a handful of nuts, or veggies and hummus dip.

Drink. A big glass of cold water can really refresh you and waken up your mental processes to take on the rest of your day. Even a small dose of a caffeinated beverage may help to increase your alertness.

Take B vitamins. Taking a B complex supplement in a liquid form during lunch can boost your energy levels for a vitalized end to your work day.

Happy lunching!

Interested in learning more about Deanna Jefferson and her fitness tips? Click here to check out her website or follow her on Twitter @DeannaJefferson!

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