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USO photo by Dave Gatley

WOW had the chance to sit down with Redskins WR #88 Pierre Garçon before he left for the USO Military Tour in Afghanistan. Read what he had to say below and check out some of the photos that we just received from his trip!

What’s your favorite off-season activity?
Going home and having free time.

Do you have a pre-game ritual or any superstitions?
I eat grilled chicken and broccoli pre-game.

What is your motto in life?
Hard work pays off.

What’s your favorite movie?
The Hangover

If you could do any other job than play in the NFL, what would it be?
I would be a High School Wide Receivers Coach.

What is your favorite place to vacation?
West Palm Beach, Florida

Do you have any hidden talents?
They’re all out in the open.

When was the last time you were nervous?
When I took my anti-terrorism test for my trip.

What are you most looking forward to about your military tour with the USO?
Everything! Meeting the troops, seeing what they’re going through, seeing a whole new country.

"Being a part of this USO tour has been a very memorable experience for me, seeing everything the men and women in uniform do for us back home. Talking with the troops and seeing the effects we had on them will live with me forever. I'm so happy I came on this trip and now I I've met some friends that I will remember forever. Thank you to the troops for all that you do." 
- Pierre Garçon

Check out some of the photos from his trip below!

USO photo by Dave Gatley

USO photo by Dave Gatley

Continuing a time honored USO/NFL tradition, Pierre Garçon of the Washington Redskins takes time out of his week-long USO/NFL tour to throw around the football with troops stationed in the Middle East on March 4, 2014. This is Garcon's first USO experience.USO Photo by Dave Gatley.

USO photo by Dave Gatley

USO photo by Dave Gatley

USO photo by Dave Gatley

Brandon Fields of the Miami Dolphins, Pierre Garçon of the Washington Redskins and Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints pose for a group of troops stationed in the Middle East on March 4, 2014. This is the trio's first USO/NFL tour. USO Photo by Dave Gatley.

For more photos from Pierre's trip, visit 


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