Strut: Ways to Strengthen Your Legs for Walking With Your Head High in High Heels

03.05.2014 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

Spring is peeking its head in, and after a cruel winter of wearing big brawny snow boots, it's almost time to trade in stout for stilettos.

Here is celebrity and Nike trainer, Deanna Jefferson's, tips for strengthening your legs to walk with your head high in high heels.

Don't skip leg day. It's important to work the muscles of the upper, lower, posterior and anterior parts of the legs 2-4 times a week. Strong legs not only look better in heels, but keep you standing tall for hours.

Stretch your achilles and calves frequently. The Achilles is the thick long muscle that runs down the back of your heel. Wearing high heels can cause your Achilles and calf muscles to shorten and tighten. It's important to keep them stretched especially after you step out of your heels.

Calf and Achilles Stretch
Stand in front of a wall with one foot behind you placing your hands firmly on the wall at shoulder height. Plant your front heel into the ground while raising the toes and planting them into the wall. Lean into the wall keeping your legs straight. To stretch the Achilles, simply add a slight bend to the front knee. Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds, 3-5 times on each leg.

Incorporate stability exercises. We all dread that woeful wobble or totally having to pick ourselves up off the ground after a spill in our trendy but unstable heels. Try this foot and ankle exercise to keep you from that awful tilt. Standing flat-footed on one leg, practice writing the entire alphabet in the air with the toes of your other foot. Repeat 2-3 times on both legs.

Practice perfect posture. Wearing heels can throw off the alignment your spine. It's important to realign yourself by working on your posture. In addition to incorporating core exercises into your workout regimen (core= the abdominal region of your body including your pelvis and lower back.) practice sitting and standing with your head forward, shoulders back and abdominals engaged. In order to engage your abdominals, pretend as if someone was going to deliver you a gut punch and you must resist using your abs. You can also mimic the position and contraction of your abs at the end of a cough.

Happy Strutting!

Interested in learning more about Deanna Jefferson and her fitness tips? Click here to check out her website!

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