Getting To Know The Sisters Behind Cuce' Shoes : Part II

01.23.2014 / Blog Posts Fashion

We sat down with Kathleen and Kristina Cuce' a couple of weeks ago to talk about their fan footwear empire. Cuce' Shoes, which they started from the ground only a few years ago, now supplies merchandise for all four major sporting leagues and goes far beyond the realm of shoes. If you missed our original interview, you can read it here.

This time around, we chatted about their most rewarding experience thus far, the best advice they've received and how they intend to pay it forward....

What has been the most rewarding experience?
There have been a few for sure…so difficult to pick one! If I had to, it was being asked to participate in the Women’s Fit For You Campaign last year.  As fans, we have always followed that campaign; the commercials, the interviews, the ads….so to be asked to model our product in it was unbelievable. 

On set of that photo shoot in NYC is where we met your very own Tanya Snyder and have kept in contact with her ever since. It was incredible!

What is it like being females working in the sports world? 
It is such a privilege and honor to work with these Leagues so a lot of the time we are just awe struck.  Timing is everything and that is certainly the case with our female fan footwear.  Since female apparel sales are surpassing that of male counterparts, we do extremely well with our product line.  In essence, since female product is a hot commodity and that is what we sell, we have not been at a total disadvantage in the sports arena. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Don't take things personally. 

Not everyone will like your collections or your campaigns…do not take it personally! We built this company from the ground up so if we ever receive a bad review, we really take it to heart.  We try and shake it off best we can and take it as constructive criticism to do a better job.  For women trying to start their own business, hold your head high and keep striving to make your dreams come true.  It is a long haul up but once you get established, it is an amazing feat. 

My father always says “if it was easy, everyone would do it." We HATE when he says that and it actually provokes us even more…..but it is true. :) 

Are there any causes important to you? 
We are huge animal activists and we donate a lot towards these campaigns.  All of our products are 100% animal free and we feel strongly against the NO FUR movement.  We have visited a lot of material mills overseas and have found beautiful synthetic suede and faux fur alternatives for our collections.  These make our fan footwear collections comfortable, the materials are more breathable, easy to maintain, less harsh on the environment in terms of production and no furry creatures have to be compromised.  Passion meets fashion with these collections. 

We can make you look good and feel good about what you are wearing while showing your love for the REDSKINS!

Where do you see Cuce' in 5 years? 
We are in the middle of forming a nonprofit off of our company where proceeds from sales go towards different campaigns - from donating computers to orphanages to finding homes for abused animals.  We want to pay it forward and this is something we hope to get off the ground as we continue to grow.  This is where our heart is and where we want to go.  We want to keep dressing passionate female fans out there and make women feel good and look good.  The sky is the limit…we want to keep heading in that direction.

We go to REDSKINS games all the time and we just want to say that we love FedExField and we love WOW.  It is amazing to see a team with so many female fans and to actually have a club of your own is AWESOME.  We wish all of you much continued success and hope your group keeps growing. 

HAIL REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A huge thank you to Kathleen and Kristinia Cuce' for sitting down with WOW. We wish you ladies the best of luck and cannot wait to see what great shoes come out next!

We love those boots! For more from Cuce' Shoes and to purchase a pair of your own, visit


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