The Team Behind the Team: Kelly Paulsen

11.20.2013 / Blog Posts

Kelly and Logan Paulsen

WOW is getting to know the Team behind the Team and next up is Redskins Tight End Logan Paulsen's other half, Kelly.

These west coast natives happened to grow up exactly five minutes away from each other, about 25 minutes outside of Los Angeles, and began dating in high school! Kelly sat down with WOW to talk about missing California, riding horses, iPod favorites, and that time Logan accidentally pranked her Mom...

How did you and Logan meet?  
We have actually known each other since middle school. In middle school Logan was extremely shy. I was not.  My only goal in life at that time was to beat every single boy at basketball at lunch, so needless to say I was a little intimidating.  Then in high school, we had a class together and started to get to know each other through a group project.  By that time I had calmed down, although I still loved basketball.  We bonded over our mutual love of competition, movies, and rushing to class at the last minute!  I fell for him very fast once I got to know him.  Even though we went to separate colleges to play our sports, we stayed together, and are now on our 11th year!  We were married in February 2012 - happiest day of our lives.  He is my hero. Hardest worker I have ever met, and pure of heart.

Do you have any special gameday memories or rituals? 
I love when we have visitors from back home with us for games. Because of our history we have a lot of old friends from California. We are lucky that they come and visit us when they can, and those games are my favorite. They are always filled with much laughter and love! And, our friends help me to be less nervous. 

What do you miss most about California?
Oh, the weather outside is frightful! That was the first major change.  And, the bugs are humongous!  All of my time in California was spent within a 30 minute drive to the beach, and that is something I miss tremendously.  Just the ability to drive down to the beach at midnight, lay on the sand, and look at the stars.  But, Virginia has its own natural beauty that I'm really starting to appreciate. There are trees here, which is new. 

Do you two have any hobbies you share?
We are big movie buffs. Old movies and new movies- we watch them all! We like to "debate" about what makes this movie good, or that character bad. Interpret those quotations as you will! We also love to travel. Before last season, we drove across the country and this past summer we drove up to Cape Cod and back. 

How do you stay healthy?
I try to stay as active as possible. Our dogs help with that since they are always up for a long walk! Sometimes I will play pick-up basketball at the gym or I will do a short pilates/dumb bell circuit while watching TV in our living room. I try to eat healthier and smaller portions (doesn't always work of course).

Kelly and Logan both participated in the Redskins Salute to Play 60 event with military children at Andrews Air Force Base in September

You work at a tutoring center – What's an average day like?
At C2 Education I may have one, two hour session, or three back to back. Flexibility is important! I specialize in secondary English and the Humanities, so I may have an 8th grader, a 10th grader, and a 12th grader in the same session. I love working with high schoolers. All of them are uniquely intelligent and talented.  It is fun to help them reach their standardized test goals, and watch them become more confident in their own abilities.  Sometimes they just need to trust their own intelligence! 

Do you like to cook? 
I really like to eat, and sometimes cooking feels more like an obstacle that I must overcome in order to eat!  I'm not a very good cook.  Our crockpot is my best friend.  Lucky for me, Logan is not a very picky eater.  If it is healthy, he is satisfied!

What's one thing that might surprise people about you?
Aside from my love for teaching and playing basketball, I adore riding horses.  When I was younger, I competed at shows, but now I just miss the bond that a horse and rider have.  Anyone who loves animals can appreciate this, I think.  It is something I plan to go back to in the near future.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?
Strive to do all things with love, and feed the right wolf. 

What’s the most played song on your iPod?
80's rock ballads are, as Logan can attest to, my favorite go-to songs (think Journey). But I have a very varied iPod! I could listen to John Mayer all day but appreciate the oldies like Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra. 90's R&B is also my favorite, think the soundtrack to love and basketball. I'm all over the place!

Tell us a funny story about you and Logan:
In high school, Logan was scared of my mom.  She is a very strong lady, and she and I would fight a lot when I was a teenager who knew everything.  He generally tried to avoid her because he was afraid of overstepping.  Then, one day when Logan was at my house, he decided to hide behind one of the doors to scare me as I walked by.  Once he heard my footsteps, he jumped out and yelled, but it was my mom carrying a tray of taquitos!  She screamed, dropped the tray, and Logan ran away absolutely mortified.  I was in a different part of the house and heard the commotion, but it wasn't until Logan sprinted into me that I found out what had happened.  He was breathless and felt so guilty, but my mom thought it was hysterical.  That was when she really started to like him.  Now she likes him more than she likes me (only kidding). 

Thank you to Kelly for sitting down with WOW!

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