Team behind the Team: Kendra Brown

11.12.2013 / Blog Posts

WOW is getting to know the Team Wives and Girlfriends in our Team behind the Team segment and letting YOU in on the details! Next up is Kendra, wife of Redskins Director of Player Personnel Morocco Brown.

It's no doubt that free time is scarce for the mother of three (Macari, 7, Macaiden, 5, and a little girl Makailyn, 16 months), but Kendra managed to find time to sit down with WOW to talk family activities, charitable endeavors and Super Bowl parties! 

How did you and Morocco meet? 
I went to college at North Carolina State University where I played Intramural Volleyball all four years. As a sophomore- I met Morocco who was a middle linebacker and captain of the football team. I use to call him my gentle giant because he was so big in college. I graduated in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Family Counseling. Four years later- Morocco and I were married among all our family and friends. We spent 8 seasons in Chicago with the Bears and have spent the past 5 seasons here in Virginia with the Redskins. 

What's your favorite gameday memory?
Getting to experience a week in Miami at Super Bowl XLI where the Bears faced the Colts. I met so many wonderful fans that weekend and made memories that I will carry with me forever. Playing in a Super Bowl is truly something you don't forget!! 

Do you like to cook?
I love cooking and using as much locally organic fruit and produce as possible. We had a beautiful vegetable garden this summer so all I had to do was have the kids help me pick the produce. If they helped pick it, clean it and cut it up at home they were SURE to eat it. We have a big Super Bowl party every year so that's a big deal in our house. Morocco and I prepare months in advance to put together a menu and he helps me cook a lot of the food. This past year we had slow cooked pulled pork BBQ, homemade Mac and Cheese, coleslaw, homemade meatballs, and guacamole with chips.

Favorite family activity?
Our family LOVES biking. We have bike racks and love hitting the C & O canal in Maryland or the WO&D in Virginia. We took our bikes this summer to the beach and rode almost every day including our trailer for the baby and rode up and down the beach sidewalks during sunset. 

You are a fixture at Redskins Charitable Foundation events! What has been your favorite? 
My favorite cause hands down is the Breast Cancer Survivor Luncheon that the Redskins put on every year. I lost an aunt 4 years ago in June to breast cancer and this is an event that is near and dear to my heart. Putting smiles on the ladies faces for the day with all the special pampering and treats is priceless!!

I also support the Best Buddies Challenge sponsored by Audi which is a wonderful organization that raises money and awareness for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  They strive to help young adults with intellectual disabilities find housing and jobs after their high school years are completed.  Last year I rode 20 miles on my bike and collectively everyone who participated helped raise $1.5 million dollars for the cause. 

What's something that might surprise people about you?
I have seen about 30 babies being born! For 7 years, I worked for a non-profit adoption agency where I helped women put together an adoption plan. Sometimes they would call and ask if I could support them during their labor and delivery. I was so honored to be a part of each and every birth and adoption story.

Morocco and I really enjoy living closer to both of our families and really enjoy being a part of the Redskin Nation Family!!!

BIG thanks to Kendra for sitting down with WOW! 

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