Redskins Propelled by Goal Line Stand

11.04.2013 / Blog Posts Redskins

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Stephen Czarda, Redskins Staff Blogger

On Sunday, the Washington Redskins hosted over 100 alumni at the annual homecoming game against the San Diego Chargers.

Despite honoring the 1987 squad that won Super Bowl XXII in the most lopsided game in Super Bowl history at the time, the 2013 Redskins had their second-straight nail-biting home victory.

Up 24-21 with a little over two minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Chargers marched down the field and appeared to score the game-winning touchdown with 21 seconds left. However, after an official ruling overturned the original call, the Chargers had the ball on the one-yard line with a fresh set of downs.

[Overturned call: A touchdown is when the ball crosses the plane. On this play, the receiver’s foot hit the orange pylon that defines the end zone’s boundary, but the ball did not.]

That’s the furthest they’d go on the drive.

After thwarting running back Danny Woodhead’s up the gut run on first down and defending the pass beautifully on second and third downs, the Chargers had to settle for a game-tying field goal.

In overtime, the Redskins won the coin toss.

Then they won the game.

Marching 80 yards down the field behind several crisp Robert Griffin III passes and strong runs from Alfred Morris, fullback Darrel Young punched in his third touchdown of the day to give the Redskins their third victory of the season.

Griffin III had a solid day through the air, connecting on 23 of his 32 passes for 291 yards. He added 17 yards on the ground to include a 10-yard run on a key third down attempt where he lunged into the air over several defenders.

Morris had his best statistical game of the season, rushing 25 times for 121 yards. The Redskins are now 10-1 when he records at least 20 carries.

One week after vocalizing his frustrations of the passing game’s ineptness, wide receiver Pierre Garcon recorded a career-high 172 yards on only seven catches to include an acrobatic one-handed catch early in the third quarter.

Defensively, the burgundy and gold were led by E.J. Biggers and David Amerson with interceptions and veteran linebacker London Fletcher who recorded a season-high 13 tackles.

The Redskins don’t have much time to salivate the victory as they travel to Minnesota to battle the Vikings (1-7) on Thursday Night Football. The Redskins defeated the Vikings last season 38-26 behind Griffin III’s memorable 76-yard touchdown run. 


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