Team Behind the Team: Jazmin Wilson

10.29.2013 / Blog Posts

What's it like to be married to an NFL player? WOW is getting to know the Redskins Wives in our Team behind the Team segment and letting YOU in on the details. This week features Jazmin Wilson, wife of Redskins CB #26 Josh Wilson.

Although growing up just 20 minutes away from each other in Maryland (Jazmin hails from Fort Washington while Josh is from Upper Marlboro), the two didn't meet until their senior year in high school when a mutual friend introduced them. The two married in 2009 in the church Jazmin was raised in!

The two welcomed a baby girl last year, recently started their own charitable endeavor, and are both working to receive their MBA's from George Washingon University. WOW sat down with Jazmin to get an inside look at gameday rituals, community outreach and more!

What’s your favorite gameday memory?
My favorite gameday memory is from the Redskins/Cowboys game at the end of the 2012 season. Josh intercepted a ball from Tony Romo, ran over to the side of the field that I was on, and blew our newborn daughter and I a kiss.

What does your typical gameday look like?
Every game is like one big family reunion. If it’s a home game, I meet up with several family members and friends, then we head over to the stadium where we take our places to root on our favorite Redskin and the Redskins’ team. If it’s an away game, we all meet over someone’s house and do the exact same thing!

Do you like to cook?
I like to cook. I love to bake. However, due to the new edition to our family I don’t have a lot of time for either! My favorite go to meal is pan-seared salmon, wild rice and sautéed spinach. Quick, Easy, and Healthy.

You and Josh just launched the Wilson Reading Challenge promoting the importance of youth literacy in your own two elementary schools! How did that come about?
Josh and I have a heart for children’s education and for the communities that we were raised in. We believe that the key to unlocking a child’s educational abilities is through superb reading. The way to become a superb reader is through practice. And so, we decided to combine our two interest, plus our competitive nature, to create the Wilson Reading Challenge. We both had an excellent, memorable experience at our elementary schools so we wanted to bring the reading challenge to them first. And so far, the students are having a great time with the challenge.

My elementary school, Potomac Landing, put up a football field and made each teacher a football player inching them closer to the end zones by the number of books that teacher’s class reads. Josh’s elementary school, Mt. Calvary, is tracking the number of books each student reads and placing their name and books on footballs around the school. I think my school might have the lead right now and end up being the champions, but we’ll see...

image name
Jazmin talks with women currently battling breast cancer at the All-Star Luncheon

What is one thing that might surprise people about you?
I was a cheerleader in high school, but I also threw the shot put and the discus.

Are there any other causes you support?
Josh and I support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and their mission to find a cure for these horrible diseases. Josh’s mom had Leukemia and so the cause is near to our hearts. Please support finding a cure by going to their website and giving back. However, if this cause is not something that pulls at your heart strings then please find something that does and give back. That’s crucial in changing the world around us. The best advice that I received in recent years was to give back regardless of how hectic your schedule may be find the time and/or the means to give back.

Thank you so much to Jazmin for taking the time to chat with WOW! 

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