Fresh Friday: Cucumber Mint Mango Boats

09.20.2013 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness Recipes

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Kimberly Young, Founder Healthy Little Cooks

With a family of 6, I rarely have leftover fruit, but today I magically found a lonely ripe mango sitting on my counter.  Instead of throwing it in a smoothie (my most favorite thing to do), I decided to experiment with its sweet flavor and create a cucumber mint salad.  The mint creates a refreshing smack that you typically wouldn’t associate with mango, but the cucumber, lime and strawberry pull it together perfectly! 

1 very large cucumber
1 cup fresh strawberries
1 ripe mango
½ lime or ¼ orange
4-5 fresh mint leaves

1. Wash all fruit thoroughly (even the mango)

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2. Cut cucumber in half and use a spoon or melon baller to scoop out the seeds.  Throw the seeds away.  Then scoop out the rest of the cucumber, leaving a little cucumber around the skin so it will hold up well as a boat.  Be sure not to poke a hole all the way through the cucumber or your boat will leak. 

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3. Once you’ve scooped out the cucumber, chop it into ½ inch pieces and add to a bowl.

4. Cut mango into ½ inch pieces and add to the bowl..

5. Remove the stem off strawberries and dice into ½ inch pieces and add to the bowl.

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6. Chop mint very finely and add to the bowl. 

7. Then squeeze lime over the fruit and mix well.

8. Let the juices marinate for 10-15 minutes and serve chilled.

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