Tanya Snyder Honored as American Cancer Society's Mother of the Year

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Tanya Snyder -- A business woman, a philanthropist, a mother, a wife, and a cancer survivor.

The American Cancer Society honored Mrs. Snyder with the Mother of the Year Award. Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder presented his wife with the award.

Mother of the Year is given to a remarkable woman each year who successfully balances business initiatives and philanthropic campaigns, all while considering their most important job to be a mother and a wife.

It was an emotional moment this afternoon when the Snyders' oldest daughter, Tiffanie, shared her story of watching her mother’s courage while going through breast cancer treatments while introducing her to the podium.

It was clear that Mrs. Snyder was an inspiration to the entire family. And that she still is. 

Watch the interview with Mrs. Snyder and daughter, Tiffanie, here, including Tiffanie's introduction.

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"This is by no means a me award," Mrs. Snyder commented upon accepting her award. "It is me representing all the women and the mothers, and I think when you put a bunch of women together, they're a great support system for each other." 

As a breast cancer survivor, Mrs. Snyder has become a prominent presence nationally. She serves as the NFL’s National Spokesperson for Breast Cancer Awareness in the League’s “A Crucial Catch” campaign, and is one of the driving forces behind the franchises annual All-Stars Survivors Celebration at Redskins Park.

Mrs. Snyder will continue her support of the Redskins and Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, THINK-PINK breast cancer awareness and educational campaign in which 28 of the 32 teams participated in 2012.

Mrs. Snyder is a dedicated and passionate breast cancer awareness advocate, as well as a phenomenal role model. It was a well-deserved recognition.

Upon receiving the award, Mrs. Snyder humbly said, “I stand here today on behalf of all the women and the mothers that I work with every day. This is not a me honor, this is a we honor, and I say that very proudly.” 

Check out this video from the Mother of the Year Luncheon.

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