Monday Morning Water Cooler: Redskins Lose To Panthers, 21-13

11.05.2012 / Blog Posts Redskins

Andrew Walker

Around The Water Cooler: Redskins Lose To Panthers, 21-13

The Washington Redskins had a spirited Homecoming Weekend with more than 150 alumni in attendance for their game yesterday against the Carolina Panthers.

But the Redskins couldn't find the offensive or defensive consistency they needed in the game, and lost 21-13 in front of 79,767 fans at FedExField.

It was certainly a frustrating day for the Redskins, who, at many points in the game, outplayed the Panthers (2-6) — and certainly on offense. But ultimately, a lack of execution — as well as several drive-killing penalties — was too much to overcome.

The Redskins scored one touchdown in the game, and it was a significant score for one reason: it was the first-career touchdown for running back Evan Royster.

Royster — a Chantilly native and Westfield High School product — became Penn State's all-time leading rusher before being drafted by the Redskins last season. He began his rookie year in 2011 on the team's practice squad before an injury to then-starter Tim Hightower in Week 6 propelled Royster to the active roster.

Royster shined in the final two games of the 2011 season as a starter and ran for more than 100 yards each game, but he never found the end zone. That all changed yesterday against the Panthers.

With 1:34 remaining of the fourth quarter of the game, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III lined up in the pistol formation with Royster behind him just two yards from the end zone.

[“Pistol formation”: Similar to the shotgun formation, but the quarterback instead lines up in-between the center and the running back, who stands directly behind the quarterback.]

Royster took the handoff from Griffin III and ran to his left. After gaining one yard, he lowered his shoulder on a couple Panthers defenders, planted his foot in the ground and charged into the end zone for his first-career touchdown. It was a highlight moment in a game with a disappointing outcome for Royster and his team.

Perhaps the good news for the Redskins (3-6) is that they now get a few days off to re-charge their batteries and get ready for the final seven games of the season.

This week is the team's Bye Week, so there will be no Redskins game on Sunday. Their next matchup will be Nov. 11 against the Philadelphia Eagles at FedExField.

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