Monday Morning Water Cooler: Redskins Lose To Steelers, 27-12

10.29.2012 / Blog Posts Redskins

Andrew Walker

Yesterday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was just one of those occasions where not much went right for your Washington Redskins.

The defense struggled to stop both the run and the pass, while the offense had a tough time simply catching the football and making the plays it needed to keep up with the quick-paced Pittsburgh offense. The result was a 27-12 Redskins loss at Heinz Field.

The Redskins' three scoring drives ended in two field goals and a touchdown. The touchdown drive featured a gutsy play call on fourth down that was two yards from the end zone. Had Washington not converted at the time, it would've given the ball right back to Pittsburgh (4-3) trailing 10-0 and with nothing to show for itself.

On 4th and Goal from the 2, quarterback Robert Griffin III lined up in a shotgun formation with three wide receivers to his left. The ball was snapped, and wide receiver Santana Moss ran a quick slant route to his right into the front of the end zone. Griffin III snapped a quick pass over the middle to Moss, who caught the ball for the touchdown.

It was Moss' third touchdown reception in two weeks. It's been a revitalizing year of sorts for the 12-year veteran, who has 23 receptions for 311 yards and five touchdowns in 2012 after only catching 46 passes for 584 yards and four touchdowns a year ago.

Prior to yesterday’s contest, the Redskins (3-5) had not lost a game by more than seven points, an impressive feat considering the strength of schedule so far this year.  Despite yesterday’s disappointing outcome, the Redskins learned a number of valuable lessons in the cold, rainy Pittsburgh weather.

They head into this week with much to correct as they get ready to play host to the Carolina Panthers and quarterback Cam Newton Sunday at FedExField.

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