High Five Your Meals: Part II

10.05.2012 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

This week, we're continuing our discussion on well balanced meals! Last week, I shared that a balanced meal can be as easy as counting to five, but we only covered one and two (Click here to read last week's post)

See below for steps three, four and five on filling your plate to best enhance performance, body composition and overall health. 



3. VEGETABLES: Fill one third of your plate with fresh vegetables. The vitamins and minerals you get from vegetables help your body turn food into energy, provide the catalyst for every reaction in your body and contributes to hydration (up to 95% of some vegetables is water). To maximize the nutrient value of this real estate on your plate, include lots of different colors.

To learn easy strategies to get more veggies in your diet visit click here.

4. DAIRY: Add a low fat dairy. Once you’ve created your performance enhancing master piece on your plate, round out your work of art with a serving of dairy. Dairy gives you an extra dose of protein as well as the MVP nutrient calcium. I see many athletes in my office with stress fractures and broken bones. Calcium, along with Vitamin D, is essential to keeping your bones strong. You need between three to four 8 oz. cups of dairy every day. That may seem like a daunting number but if you add a glass of milk to each of your meals and grab a yogurt or string cheese for snack you’ve met your goal!

To learn more ways to meet your dairy requirement, visit click here.

5. FRUIT: Complete the meal with fresh fruit. Many athletes are looking for something sweet at the end of their meal. I grew up in a family where dinner was always concluded with a dessert so my taste buds are seeking out a sweet at the end of my meal. I learned how to satisfy this sweet tooth while sneaking in extra nutrients by using fruit – nature’s candy! I top fresh strawberries with cool whip, bake an apple (click here for a great recipe from or dip sliced banana in 1 oz. of melted dark chocolate!

To learn more ideas to get more fruit in your meal visit click here.

As I walk through the cafeteria, I often hear players say “Miss Jane, I got my 5!” I just smile and put my hand up for a high-five. They roll their eyes and proceed to teach me the latest version of the old school “high-five”.

I challenge you to include all 5 components above to at least one meal every day this week. I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below, how you included the 5 groups and/or submit a photo of your balanced meal to 

“High-Five” to all the WOW members this week for striving for a balanced meal! 


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