Christal Golston talks Gameday Rituals, Family Matters and More!

09.26.2012 / Blog Posts Redskins

After getting drafted by the team in 2006, Kedric Golston has spent his entire career in Washington and is now a veteran anchor for what is shaping up to be a younger Redskins roster.

Virginia-native Christal Golston met her future, defensive end husband through a mutual friend when he was just a rookie playing for the Washington Redskins. Six years of marriage and four children later, Christal and Kedric are rarely apart!

WOW got the chance to sit down with Christal to talk about everything from gameday rituals and date night with Kedric, to her days playing wide receiver in the WNFL!

Do you have any gameday rituals?

Every gameday, Kedric calls me before he goes out to the field so that I can pray for him. This helps him to focus on his purpose for playing and to take his game to the next level. All the kids wear their #64 jerseys on game day. Even the baby has her little cheerleader uniform!

What’s your favorite gameday memory?

Growing up in the area, I have always been a Redskins fan! I am so blessed that Kedric has been able to play here his entire career. Most of my family also lives in the area, so I am able to share the gameday excitement with them. They go to games with me every year. All of the real estate agents at our firm rally around Kedric and the team every week, I think they have more questions for me about football than real estate!

My favorite gameday memory was against the Cowboys when Kedric blocked the field goal that they thought was going to win the game. We then went into overtime and WON! I remember it was freezing cold outside, but my sister and I were screaming and jumping up and down so much that we had to take our coats off!

Do you and Kedric do anything special for date night?

Kedric and I enjoy going to restaurants together. We like to be able to talk without being interrupted! We talk about our goals individually, for our children and for our family. We actually write them down so that we can savor every moment of where we are in life. It will be really neat to look back 10 years from now and read what we set out to do and what we actually accomplished.

Favorite thing to do with the family?

Jet skiing, water tubing and boating at the lake! It's something our entire family loves to do. Our 4 year old son can stay out on the water all day. He hangs with the adults on the Jet Ski and we even have to be careful not to leave the keys in when he's sitting on it! Our 13-year-old daughter Tori will be getting her boating license next year. Going to the lake is something that Kedric loved to do growing up, and I went for the first time once we got married. Now we go every single year with our friends and teammates, the Alexanders and the Wilsons. It's so much fun to see the kids growing up together.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Definitely my family. Having a husband that is dedicated to me and our children is worth more to me than anything! Raising our kids is such a privilege. It's amazing that 4 kids can have such different personalities! Kedric and I try to be an example to our children in everything that we do. Showing them how to love one another, have a strong work ethic and serve their community. I think I am more excited to see what their accomplishments in life will be!

Tell us one fun fact about yourself!

The most fun fact that I have about myself is that I used to play wide receiver for the DC Divas in the WNFL full contact women's professional football league (National Women's Football Association)...NOT THE LINGERIE LEAGUE which people ask me about all the time! I am always trying to give Kedric advice on how to play. Considering I am a retired Pro Athlete, I think maybe he should listen!

You co-own a Pilates studio with the Alexanders – what is it like to run your own business?

Kedric actually was the first one to start doing Reformer Pilates. It is more than just a workout - It utilizes your core strength while working your entire body. A lot of men think that it's an exercise for women, but now most of the team does it! After having my fourth baby in February, it's all that I did. I lost all of the baby weight faster than with any other child. We decided to purchase the business because the former owner was moving out of the state. We all believe in it so much that we knew we could take it to the next level...which we have! We added in TRX, Dance, a Mommy's Morning Out Pre-School, and After School Program so that our Studio would be for the entire family! I already knew that running a business is a lot of work. Sometimes I think that there just are not enough hours in the day!

You and Kedric also own a local real estate firm. Why did you decide to go into real estate?

I have actually been in real estate for over 10 years (I guess that's telling a bit too much about how old I am!).

I lived in New York for several years and practiced there before moving back to VA and getting my Broker's License. My firm is licensed in VA, MD, DC and WV and we have agents in all of these states working for us. So it's a lot to juggle, but I have an amazing office manager! Kedric was actually against me hiring him in the beginning because he didn't want me spending all day at the office working with another man! But Mark is so awesome and Kedric and I are so thankful for him. He is so reliable and has never let us down!

Do you support any charities?

Kedric and I give the profits from Golston Real Estate to our foundation, Every Child Fed ( We have an annual Midnight Masquerade Ball on New Year’s Eve to raise support. Every Child Fed works to deploy self-sustaining manufacturing facilities and feed clinics to distribute ready-to-use therapeutic food to malnourished children in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are currently working on manufacturing plants in Sierra Leone and Mali that utilize the harvest of the local farmers and create jobs in the area. It is a long term self-sustaining solution to eradicate severe malnutrition.


Thanks for sitting down with us Christal and best of luck to Kedric this season!

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