Monday Morning Water Cooler: Redskins Fall To Rams, 31-28

09.17.2012 / Blog Posts Redskins

Andrew Walker

Yesterday’s game began on a very promising note for the Redskins, but a frustrating second half performance against the St. Louis Rams led to the team’s first loss of the year, 31-28, at the Edward Jones Dome in the shadow of the St. Louis Arch.

The Rams received the opening kickoff of the game and began from their own 20-yard line. On their first offensive play of the game, St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford found wide receiver Danny Amendola for a 13-yard gain, but as he was being tackled, Redskins linebacker Perry Riley stripped the ball from Amendola’s hands. Riley’s teammate, Chris Wilson, scooped up the ball and ran 30 yards into the end zone for a touchdown to give the Redskins an early 7-0 lead.

It was a smart defensive play by Riley. Oftentimes, when a ball carrier is being tackled by multiple defenders, at least one defensive player will try to take the football away by reaching in and attempting to “rip” it from his hands. This was what happened for Riley and the Redskins.

The Redskins led the game by as many as 15 points at 21-6 with 6:28 remaining in the second quarter before the Rams began their comeback, scoring the next 17 points and taking a 23-21 lead halfway into the third quarter.

The Redskins answered with a seven-yard rushing touchdown by rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III to make it 28-23, but the Rams answered right back with a touchdown pass by Bradford. After the Rams converted on a two-point conversion – a successful 2-yard run by Daryl Richardson – they took their 31-28 lead that would become the final score.

["Two-point conversion”: A team can either attempt a one-point kick or a two-point run or pass completion from the opponent’s two-yard line immediately after scoring a touchdown. The one-point kick is the most commonly-used and simplest way to earn an extra point.]

Yesterday’s game also featured lots of back-and-forth banter and shoving between the two teams. In turn, both teams were given multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties – some of which turned out to be costly.

Unsportsmanlike conduct”: An illegal action in football where, after a play is over and when the ball is not in play, a player makes inappropriate contact, gestures or says something inappropriate to an opposing player or official. The common penalty is 15 yards.]

After starting the season with an inspiring win against the New Orleans Saints and then losing a close one to the Rams, the Redskins will finally open up their home schedule on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. Kickoff from FedExField is set for 1 p.m.

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