Celebrate National Yogurt Month - Enter to Win!

04.02.2012 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

 Celebrate Yogurt Month with Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association!

April is National Yogurt Month and what better to celebrate than by entering Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association's, Yogurt-licious Recipe Challenge contest. Just by sending them your favorite dairy recipe made with yogurt, you could win a FREE KitchenAid® blender and a month’s supply of Chobani® Greek yogurt!

MDA will also be awarding one VIP Chobani® Coupon Booklet and an insulated tote bag to the second place winner. Four runner-up winners will receive insulated tote bags.

Why is yogurt so good for you?

Yogurt is a quick and easy, nutritious snack. It provides several essential nutrients including calcium and phosphorus which are necessary for bone health. Interestingly, even though all milks contain vitamin D, another bone health nutrient, not all yogurts do, so be sure to check the label. Additionally, yogurt is known to contain probiotics, or “good” bacteria, which can provide a broad range of health benefits when eaten in adequate amounts.

• Most 8 oz. servings of yogurt varieties are excellent sources of calcium, phosphorus and riboflavin, and good sources of protein and potassium; all of these are essential nutrients.

• Greek yogurt varieties typically contain twice the protein of regular yogurt.

• If seeking probiotic benefits (digestion or immune function) from yogurt, be sure to look for the words, “live and active cultures” on the label.

Tips for adding yogurt to your daily diet

• Greek yogurt is a perfect substitute for your sour cream on tacos or in dips.
• Add your favorite fruit and high-fiber granola for a great breakfast staple.
• Make your creamy dressing low in fat and calories by substituting Greek yogurt for mayo and sour cream.

So celebrate National Yogurt Month and enter Mid-Atlantic's Dairy Association Yogurt-licious Recipe Challenge contest today!

Contest Details

• Grand Prize: One month’s supply of Chobani Greek yogurt (36 cups), one KitchenAid 5-Speed blender and one insulated tote bag

• Second Place Prize: One VIP Chobani Greek yogurt coupon booklet (good for 25 free cups of Chobani Greek yogurt) and one insulated tote bag

• Four Runner-up Prizes: One insulated tote bag

Visit for contest information!

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