The Choices We Make

03.22.2012 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

By Rebecca Nenner, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Life is funny, at birth our paths are before us but the lines have not been drawn. It is the choices that we make that create the life we are to live. Some seem to be lucky, some seem to have hardship but does that have to be our destiny? After all, we make decisions each and every day that will affect our lives, we just don’t realize it.

We start making choices when we are babies - We choose to play, or to stare at our mobiles above us, we choose to smile or cry, we choose to finish our bottle or not. These choices continue throughout our lives. We choose to behave and listen to our parents, or to disobey them. We choose the color crayon that we will use to color with and what we will draw. We are constantly choosing. When we are older, we make more important decisions such as to study or to party, to date someone, to smoke, drink or use drugs - or not.

Have you ever thought to yourself, if I had moved to another state, what would my life be like? Or what if I had married someone else? Well, by making those choices you ARE creating your destiny.

You have the power to change your situation at any given time. Yet, I find most people feel stuck in their own lives, living with the fear of change.

People are motivated by pleasure and avoid pain at all costs, and sometimes change seems to be equated with pain. Why? Well for one thing, the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know. However, why can’t we shift the paradigm to change is GOOD. Taking chances have risks but they also have rewards. When we live in the status quo and never change our circumstances, then we never really live, learn, and experience all there is in this world.

I meet people all the time who are stuck. They eat the same poor quality food, yet they don’t know it is bad for them. Changing the food that they eat seems uncomfortable to them because they like the taste of the foods that they are used to eating. They never experienced other foods, or perhaps had bad experiences with some foods in the past, and don’t care to try because they think that they wouldn’t like it.

Yet, every time I work with someone there is always a breakthrough where the person comes to realize that vegetables can be delicious if prepared well. They can even taste great raw. They TRIED something new!

Introducing new foods is a way of choosing to be healthy. It may seem scary at first to some, but it really isn’t any different than eating a donut. It’s about opening your eyes, your mind, and your tastebuds to new experiences. When you are open to change, wonderful things can happen. Not only can you expand your mind, but you can improve your health as well.

That’s what I call a powerful mindshift!

You can visit Rebecca's website at Have questions for her? Leave them below!

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