Angela Rypien talks Lingerie Football, staying fit, and football tips from her Dad - Superbowl MVP Mark Rypien

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With a last name like Rypien, it's hard to be ignored in Redskins Nation, especially on the 20th anniversary of Super Bowl XXVI. With one of the greatest teams ever assembled, Mark Rypien led the Redskins to victory over the Bills, took home the title of Super Bowl MVP and cemented his title as leader of one of the best offenses in Redskins history.

Twenty years later, there's another Rypien making a splash in the football world and it’s probably not who you would expect.

Angela Rypien, Mark Rypien's daughter, entered the Lingerie Football League last year as a quarterback for the Seattle Mist. The league has 12 teams and games are made up of two, 17-minute halves of seven on seven, played on a 50-yard field, with no punting or field goals. Hailed as the fastest growing sports league in the nation, the LFL and its female athletes are not to be underestimated simply because of the uniform. Angela addressed the topic in an interview with the Redskins Blog last year:

“There’s been a women’s football league around for a long time,” Rypien said, “but it’s not televised and it doesn’t get as much credit as it should. So it’s hard, because [the lingerie] is probably one of the things that does drag people in and does get people’s attention. But once you get past that — I’ve talked to a lot of the girls and they said it takes a good five minutes in the game to see — it’s, ‘Wow, we’re playing really good football, sometimes even better than the boys do.’”

WOW sat down with Angela to learn more about the league and ask her not only about growing up with a Redskins great for a father, but forging her own football path...

How did you get started in the Lingerie Football League?

I was watching TV with my dad one day, and stumbled across it. It struck me that I could play football too. Simple, but I knew I would have a long road ahead of me. This experience has been more than I ever expected and I have really grown as a person. It is a lot of tough work but I couldn't be happier.

From your experience in the LFL, do you think quarterback is the toughest position on the field? Has your Dad given you any QB pointers?

Absolutely not. Every position on the field is tough. I do feel the pressure of knowing my position and the position of the other players. I have to know their movements and predict the movements of the other team. I have experienced both sides of the fence. I've gotten a taste of what it feels like to be on top and I've also tasted failure. I've grown through adversity. Yes, my Dad is there for me for anything. He definitely helps me to understand the decisions of my coach and some of the things that might be going on. He gives me tips, helps me review the game play-by-play, tells me what I could improve on, and answers my questions.

What's your favorite gameday memory?

My first game. Being a part of a team and something bigger. The opportunity I was being given to finally share with everyone. Having my dad there was a feeling I can never explain. He came to the locker room at halftime, pulled me aside, and said "Angela, your letting your first game jitters get to you, your rushing things, you’re not going through all your reads. Forget about the first half, you need to relax and go out there and have fun."

That pulled me out of my disappointment and fear and made me believe I could do this. I felt like a little kid again. It was my first day playing in front of him and he told me he was so proud of me, I will never forget it. I wasn't just playing in front of my dad; I was playing in front of a phenomenal athlete. Someone who has made it to the highest level in his profession and succeeded at it. It was an incredible feeling - really hard to even put in words!

WOW focuses a lot on health and fitness and you're in great shape. Do you have any workout tips or tricks? 

Eat more of the good stuff! I eat three meals a day with snacks in between and I try to eat food densely packed with nutrition - so lots of veggies! I stay away from processed foods, drink an insane amount of water, and I like to do a monthly cleanse. I feel best when I use different supplements, including protein shakes.

I like to switch up strength training with a consistent amount of cardio, at least 20 minutes every day, and I add in an exercise class once a week. Hot yoga is one of my favorites. I also have a personal trainer that understands speed and agility, balance and flexibility, and that helps me to focus on my needs for football.

Stress reduction is an important part of my health and fitness. Something I always say is, "Get your mind right and your body will follow!" Health to me is a complete package – mind, body, and soul!

Do you support any specific charities?

I am passionate about the Rypien Foundation, a non-profit organization that is committed to providing hope for local families battling childhood cancer. I am excited to facilitate an event in Seattle in 2012-2013 for the Rypien Foundation. In addition to the Rypien Foundation I am exploring various opportunities to get involved with programs centered on mental health due to the recent death of my cousin Rick Rypien, of the NHL Vancouver Canucks.

What was it like growing up with a Redskins legend as a father?

I thought my dad was a King. I have known no other life, so it is hard to say how my life was different from anyone else's. All I know is once a Redskin, always a Redskin.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Check out the clip below to see what happened when the Redskins Blog asking what Mark Rypien about his daughter playing in the Lingerie Football League…

Thanks to Angela Rypien for the interview (and for supporting the Redskins Women's Club)! You can follow Angela on Twitter at @Angela_Rypien and like her on Facebook at

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