CSN Washington's Jennifer X. Williams talks working in sports and Redskins rookies to watch

02.10.2012 / Blog Posts

The media is a continued presence at Redskins Park - setting up makeshift offices and studios anywhere from the media room to the parking lot. One such familiar face throughout the season is Jennifer X. Williams, covering the team for Comcast SportsNet with a specific focus on the 2011 rookie class.

WOW caught up with Jennifer to find out what it's like working in sports, get her take on Washington and find out which rookies we should keep an eye on as the Redskins head into next season...

Tell us a little bit about your experiences within sports - first with ESPN and now locally with Comcast SportsNet.

At ESPN, I held different roles within their digital media group - it was an amazing experience. There are some truly talented, passionate people that work at ESPN. I miss my friends, so I make them come to D.C. to visit! I'm a Connecticut native, so after I finished my master's in digital journalism, I was just simply ready for a change both personally and professionally.

With, I love focusing on one beat as the digital producer, talent and a writer. Being in the greater Washington area, I feel connected to the city and fan base. As long as there's no track work, all the action is just a metro ride away! My colleagues are all successful multi-media journalists as well. I thought I had this whole digital media diva thing down, but I've learned a lot from them!

What has been your best memory with the team so far?

On the recommendation of my co-worker, Sebastian Salazar (!/SebiSalazar), I sought out a niche, because the NFL is a saturated beat. So I focused on the 2012 rookie class. It was really rewarding to see a rookie like Roy Helu grow as both a player and an individual. He was initially reserved, but continued to come out of his shell as the season progressed. Check out some of my videos from this season...

Notion of rebuilding among Redskins rookies 11/10

Helu and Royster on Torain: It's Business 12/29

The Redskins New Years Resolutions for 2012 1/2

Redskins' Carriker: Helu has established himself as top running back 1/9

I expect big things out of this kid. Both Ryan Kerrigan and Roy Helu were recently named to the All-Rookie Team. Washington hasn't even seen Jarvis Jenkins play a regular season game. This year's draft class was a group of talented, good kids - Redskins fans should be really excited about their future.

Redskins fans can be pretty passionate. What do you think?

I thought I knew what a ravenous fan base was considering the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry I grew up with, but Redskins fans are are among the most passionate. They are critical but very loyal. Win or lose, the veins of Redskins fans course burgundy and gold. And considering, grown men dress up as 'Hogettes,' in 95-degree weather…I think it's safe to say that the 'Skins are one of THE best fan bases I have been around. The most challenging part is providing fans with A LOT of great content and squeezing in some sleep ;)

What's your favorite part of your job?

As a digital media extraordinaire, you have to be able to do everything from producing to writing to appearing on camera. So, the most rewarding part is putting all those elements together to develop innovative sports content...and idea conceptualization is definitely my wheelhouse. It's a lot of hard work and long hours to see a vision come alive, but I'm fortunate to be in a field that rewards creativity and drive. It's the best feeling when an article or video resonates with fans and peers. I get excited if I write a tweet or Facebook post that makes people laugh or riles them up. Call me a dork, but I love what I do!

Jennifer interviews Kendra Brown at the WOW Pre-Game Party on 11/6

When you're not working - what are your favorite things to do in the city?

Key words: 'When you're not working…' Free time is limited, but when I'm not working, I take advantage of what the DMV has to offer by checking out a restaurant, a museum, a Wizards or Caps game...or having a night out on the town. Sometimes all of the above! I LOVE D.C.!

Sports and philanthropy often go hand in hand - what causes do you support?

Since moving to D.C., I have volunteered at the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. It truly is an amazing place with great coaches and kids love their lessons. I was fortunate enough to play tennis in college, in high school I actually worked at a racquet club to help pay for lessons. I love being able to give back in this way.

My family is also active with a small, no-kill animal shelter in the greater Hartford area, so if you know someone up north who could provide a good home to a puppy or kitten, here's where they should adopt:

You're known online as Jennifer X. Williams and on twitter as @JenXperience, so what does the X stand for?

Honestly, I don't know what it stands for or what it means, it was bestowed upon me at ESPN. So, why don't we just say it stands for 'pretty awesome.' And thanks for plugging my twitter @JenXperience... Oops I guess I just plugged it again! #ShamelessPlug

Any advice for the young, female professionals in WOW?

As a female in any office setting, you will quickly come to the realization that women are intellectually superior than men. So ladies, take it easy on 'em...boys can be very sensitive. ;)

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me! Make sure you friend CSNwashington on Facebook, follow us on twitter and download the CSNwashington app from iTunes....!/csnwashington

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