Making Dad Proud: WOW Member Michelle Shares Her Fan Story

02.08.2012 / Blog Posts Redskins

I bleed Burgundy & Gold.

My passion for the Redskins has literally been in my blood since birth! Both my parents were avid sports fans. Mom was 9 months pregnant with me, jumping up and down at a game in the hallowed RFK stadium - luckily I didn't pop out! My sister was born three years later and thus began our family tradition! I guess in a way our motto was God, Family, Football! Sundays would start with church first, then proceed with lots of great food, and then family time around the T.V. My first Super Bowl attendance was XVIII vs. the Raiders in 1984, Tampa, FL. I was heartbroken over the loss, even at 8 years old but hey, I still got to go to Disney World!

Even when dad's job sent us relocating further north to Pennsylvania, we made sure to catch every nationally-televised game possible! And then, when Direct TV/NFL Sunday Ticket were released to market, oh baby - watch out! My dad was given the Father's Day gift of a lifetime! Our tradition grew stronger because now we could get every single game AND get post-game show channels! So guess what? Even though my sister and I were going to college and getting places of our own, everyone still gathered together on Sunday afternoon at Mom & Dad's house decked out in our fan gear - down to the Redskins socks! So many wonderful memories, laughter and yes, even frustration on the non-championship years!

In 1996, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and given only one year to live. I remember thinking, among other things, "Who am I going to watch football with now?" We stood beside him as he took the cancer head-on and with God's blessing, lived another 14 years! One of his proudest moments was watching his girls head off to the Pro-Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio in 2008 to witness the induction of our glory-days greats- Darrell Green and Art Monk. I still remember the smile on his face as he waved goodbye to us! My sister & I grew up with The Posse and made a pact back in high school that we'd be there when Monk got in, so off we went!

Michelle's Dad in his regular Sunday spot on the couch

Sadly, our hearts broke when dad passed away suddenly on February 23, 2010. Having lived in the Philadelphia area since 1984, and for so long enduring endless abuse from Eagles fans, we joked that it was because Dad wouldn't have tolerated seeing Donovan McNabb in a Redskins uniform! As a family, we decided to still renew our NFL Sunday Ticket and continue our tradition because that's what Dad would've wanted us to do - stick together! I remember the tears that flowed as the Redskins kicked off the first game of that season and dad was missing from his usual spot on the couch. But how awesome that the Redskins defeated the rivaled Dallas Cowboys that day and I thought "this one's for you, Dad."

I'm honored and excited to be a member of WOW! To some, football is just a silly game, but to me this sport and this team are steeped in tradition and a way of life! They are a part of who I am and I can't wait to pass that on to future generations.

HAIL to the Redskins!

- Michelle (Alamo) Curry

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