Zelda Westbrook talks charity, football and what it's like with TWO sons in the NFL!

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Hailing from Havre de Grace, Maryland, a "beautiful little town sitting on the Susquehanna River," Zelda Westbrook and her husband Ron have now seen two sons enter the NFL. First Brian, who started his career in 2002 with the Phildelphia Eagles, followed a few years later when Byron joined the Washington Redskins as a cornerback in 2009.

Between working full time for the federal government and supporting her own local causes, Zelda still finds the time to help out at numerous Redskins charitable events throughout the season, including the Skins Santa Shoppe pictured below.

WOW caught up with Zelda to find out what it's like watching Byron play for the hometown team, having two sons in the NFL and more!

Do you have any gameday rituals or a favorite memory?

Game days are usually quiet mornings. I wear my son jersey and my Redskins Visor with my game day pins attached. My game day ritual is to purchase a game day pin for home games and away games if available.

The first time Byron stepped foot on the field was very exciting. Although he was on the practice squad for the first couple of years it was still exciting seeing him as a part of the hometown team.

What is it like watching Byron play in his home town?

It is a real thrill. When I first saw him on the field, I was a little nervous, but I realize with his talent and skills, he was where he was suppose to be – a Redskin. Not only the first time Byron played but every time he is on the field it is so exciting. When the team enters the field, I am along with the other fan, laughing, hollowing, jumping up and down and saying a special prayer to let both team have a safe game. My husband and I attend all games home or away. When both of my sons where playing for the NFL my husband and I would split up going to the games. Since Brian did not play this year, we are able to attend all of Byron’s games together.

What is it like watching Byron playing in the NFL after Brian?

It was very exciting watching both of my sons play in the NFL. There is a five year age difference between Byron and Brian, they never had a chance to play each other while playing sports in the boys and girls club or school. Finally, the day had come that I would get to see my sons play together - Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles. First ending of the game Brian is knotted out cold. I still did not see them play together but I saw Byron keep a watchful eye on his brother while the staff was working on Brian. There was no moving Byron until his brother moved and walked off the field. I went to the locker room to see for myself that Brian was ok.

Zelda Westbrook with children at the Women of Washington Holiday Shopping Event; Posing with Redskins players and volunteers at the Skins Santa Shoppe in December 2011.

Do you support any specific charities?

I am involved in and support my son's charity events at Brian’s Blessings. We have supported the PG public schools, the Allentown Boys and Girls Club and local Churches in the area with warm hats and gloves, Christmas gifts, personal items etc.

I am also a member of the Professional Football Mothers Association (PFPMA), I have participated with moms in Philadelphia school system for the Dr.Seuss Birthday - Read Across Amercia, the Hospital for Sick Children, Boys and Girls Club, Battered Women Shelter, etc. I have participated with Doctor Ray Solano of Fairfax with his yearly food drive which support the National Area Food Bank.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to cook and bake. My family enjoys my cakes and brownies. Usually for tailgating, we keep it simple - chili, hot dogs, half smokes, seafood salad, chicken salad, and brownies or cup cakes. Byron really enjoys good food!

Thanks for talking with us Zelda!

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